Hate crime ignored by West Midlands Police now reported via TRUE VISION

After the recent article of a racist attack that we published, the offence has been reported officially as a hate crime via True Vision

After getting over 1’000 hits, we were advised to report this officially as a hate crime which has now been done.

West Midlands police failed to initially record this incident as a hate crime, even though they were aware of the derogatory racist comments used in the attack.

West Midlands police have also refused to release the CCTV of the incident, why?

This hate crime report has now been passed to West Midlands police from True Vision, who have notified us that this hate crime offence will be passed to the original officer who dealt with the case, this being Sgt Craig Lewis.  Sgt Craig Lewis failed to identify this as a hate crime, even though mixed-race security guards were called FUCKING MUSLIM BASTARDS in a public area when they were trying to do their jobs.

Sgt Craig Lewis then made the decision not to even interview the offender due to ‘Covid-19’ isolation rules, (they were happy to speak to witnesses though).

It is with irony that of this article that has made headlines in the press which shows a racist customer of a taxi driver has been arrested by West Midlands police, for his racist attack!


This proves that West Midlands police will arrest racists if pressured by viral videos, but suggests they may only do so when videos of such racism go viral and not for more isolated reports.

Racism in the West Midlands is on the rise


This will continue to do so until and unless West Midlands police take it seriously.

Racism is a serious problem and the police must stamp it out.  While they continue to turn a ‘blind eye’ to reports of Hate Crime, the more it will continue.

The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police has been notified of this incident.

Also notified is the Assistant Chief Constable Matt Ward (below) who has been the ‘face’ of West Midland police over the George Floyd protests, yet is not worthy of a mention on the West Midlands police page as part of the executive team who appear to be ‘all white’. https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/about-us/executive-team

ACC Matt Ward



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