Is George Vella suing Lancashire police for information that Vella leaked?

It is suspected that George Vella is attempting to sue Lancashire police for a data breach.  This is based on the result of a recent subject access request we have seen.


George Vella

The alleged breach by Vella is that Lancashire police divulged the fact that George Vella (and Darren Hogan) were operatives in Operation Malaya, a police task force created to frame Paul Ponting in Lancashire.

This information was apparently ‘secret’, yet ironically, it was made public by George Vella (screenshot to follow).

Until this time, Mr Ponting had no idea of this secretive and malicious task force that had been set up, or that George Vella (who has a criminal history), and Darren Hogan (also a criminal history) were operatives within it.  It was later confirmed in court that Neil Wilkes was also an operative.

It was George Vella that made it public, and he did so, intending to cause Mr Ponting alarm and distress, knowing that Mr Ponting was unaware of the secret task force against him.  George Vella seemed to revel in the fact he was privy to a police task force to frame Mr Ponting.

So, Mr Ponting made a Subject Access Request (SAR) to the Lancashire police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, submitting the screenshots of George Vella’s public posts, the Crime Commissioner was asked for verification if it was true, which he did so.

Crooked Clive Grunshaw,  had no option to reveal the truth, as George Vella was the one who made the information intentionally public.

It would be ironic if, George Vella now sues Lancashire police for a data breach when it was George Vella who ‘leaked’ the information in the first place.

Maybe this is how Vella is paid by Lancashire police, by way of a fabricated civil claim.


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