Judical Review against Sussex Police Chief Constable GRANTED

A Judicial Review application was made against the Chief Constable of Sussex police after Sussex police failed to properly investigate (or investigate at all) a crime of Malicious Communications and failed to arrest or prosecute the suspect, Taz Ryder.

After waiting almost 12 months, the High Court of London has confirmed that the Judicial Review appliaction is arguable and granted the application, it to be listed as a substantive trial in the High Court.

The defendant, the Chief Constable if Sussex Police is aware that Taz Ryder created a malicious website targeting a man and his daugter, labelling the man a paedophile and his daughter a prostiture, he merged photos of them and intermingled hard core pornography and child abuse images.

After digging in their heels, Sussex police instructed Weightman Solicitors to defend their decision not to prosecute, rather that do the job they are paid to do.

A private prosecution application was made and granted, a warrant for the arrest of Taz Ryder was mande and then Taz Ryder fled the country.

Further information will be published as the case progresses.



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