Judicial Review in progress against Bedfordshire Detective Inspector Nick Gardner

Bedfordshire police

Detective Inspector 216 Nick Gardner of Bedfordshire police had refused to investigate a crime, his decision will now to be challenged by Judicial Review.

Detective Inspector Gardner, based at Luton Police Station, Buxton Road, has suggested that a victim of a horrific crime would not be a credible witness, although the victim has no criminal convictions or cautions.

DI 216 Gardner has confirmed he made this decision after discussing the matter with his ‘counterparts in Lancashire police‘.

The Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 provide that investigators must pursue all reasonable lines of enquiry.  Bedfordshire police confirmed that they followed no lines of enquiry, at the request of Lancashire police.

The refusal by Inspector Gardner of Bedfordshire CID to do his job, has been reported to Bedfordshire police Professional Standards department as a criminal offence of Perverting the Course of Justice.  It is expected they will, as they always do, brush it under the carpet and this is the reason a Judicial Review has been invoked.

The suspect in this criminal allegation will not be named (at this stage) but is known to Bedfordshire police.  Bedfordshire police have substantial evidence of his involvement in the offence and they have confirmed that he is under a criminal investigation relating to offences he committed against a 78 year old female who has, since his offence, had a heart attack.

Another man today has been imprisoned for 4 months for his involvement in the same offence.

The 78 year old victim is awaiting an opportunity to provide her witness statement, but due to a recent heart attack, (attributed the defendant), she is unable to at present.

Inspector Nick Gardner has confirmed that he will be considering CPS charging advice for the offence against the elderly lady.

Nick Gardner has been given the right of reply.


The Chief Constable, Garry Forsyth has also been notified of the impending Judicial Review.

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