Lancashire cop PC 5417 now reported for aggravated trespass in Ormskirk

PC 5417, who featured in our recent article has been now been reported for the criminal office of ‘Aggravated Trespass‘ contrary to Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

The obnoxious cop attended a peaceful parking matter, on private land.  The cop turned to intimidation and obstruction of the land owner after being repeatedly told to leave the private land.

Black Range Rover M16 MVR parking in no parking space

The cop even tried to assist the Ormskirk parking pest from making off without paying, but after being told to get off the private land, the cranky cop couldn’t leave it there.

Cop trying to assist parking pest make off without payment

The cop demanded the land owner show him his private deeds to his private land.  When this was refused, the cheeky cop sat on the land owners car bonnet calling him ‘weird’.

cheeky cop sitting on car bonnet seeking a reaction.

The land owner then needed to tell PC 5417, twice to got off his car, after which, the pesky plod said in a derogatory way,  “it doesn’t look like it belongs to anyone‘!

5417 was obstructing the land owner who was trying to deal with a private & civil parking matter on his own private land.  The police had no involvement but persisted in acting like the gestapo

PC 5417 continued to intimidate the land owner, accusing him of a criminal offence of Obstruction.  The offence he appeared to be referring to was Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980.

cop pointing out the offence of obstruction

Once challenged that obstruction was on private land, the constable was asked to explain offence alleged.  The clueless cop said he did not need to explain the ‘nitty gritty‘ [of the law] to the person he just accused of an offence.

Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980 states;

“If a person, without lawful authority or excuse, in any way wilfully obstructs the free passage along a highway he is guilty of an offence”

At no time was the land owner wilfully obstructing free passage on a highway, he was obstructing a car parked on his private land by an inconsiderate driver who though it okay to ignore no parking signs and park for 9 hours without payment.

The cop was trying to intimidate the landowner in any way he could.  It is alleged the cop was trying to provoke a reaction to give him an excuse to aggravate the situation.

It was however, ironic that the cop falsely accused the land owner of obstruction of a unlawfully park car.   He gave no consideration to the 9 hours of obstruction of the landowner, or the fact the cop had tried to help the female driver make off without paying.

hunched cop seemed to be playing up to the females

PC 5147 continued to trespass on private land and going on to further insult the land owner (in front of the driver) saying he was unreasonable.  This undermined the land owner who was pursuing the reasonable sum of only £10 for 9 hours unauthorised usage of his private land.

We wonder why the cop bent over backwards to help the parking pest

Once PC 5417 was defeated, he sneaked a tenner of his own cash to the female driver when he was off camera, thus paying for her parking fee.




  1. Nothing new. North Yorkshire police are corrupt and work with criminals. I had death threats and been assaulted but North Yorkshire police are scared of the thug and his family.

  2. North Yorkshire police have been gang stalking me for years encouraged nieghbours to spy on me and allowing thugs to threaten and harass me. I had my drink spiked at wetherspoons but NYP would not investigate allowing a coverup.

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