Judicial Review Update against Bedfordshire police- ** JR to get police to do their job! **

To all our supporters, we are now in the next phase of our Judicial Review against Bedfordshire police in which the High Court of London has granted permission for the Judicial Review trial.  Now we go to trial and fight for justice.

It is ironic that we need to seek a Judicial Review to get the police to do their job

Bedfordshire police have had every opportunity to concede in full, but have only offered to concede without paying our costs, this is rejected as they were put on notice of costs.  They have though agreed to review their seriously flawed decision, essentially, Bedfordshire conceded with terms to get off with paying! (rejected).

I am asking for a little support, we have a few legal processes that must be completed and that will cost £720 (inc VAT), this is a small administration fee that allows us to get the the final stage of the Judicial Review Trial.  Every penny is accounted and anyone that donates will, on sucess, get every penny back.

PLEASE HELP, every penny counts.

Click the link below to donate OR to see the current donations.


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