Lancashire PC confirms Paul Turner is a police informant then try to lie about it

Those who have followed my history with Lancashire police will know that the troubles I have endured revolve around their protection of a police informant, Paul Turner, that is, a C.H.I.S. (Confidential Human Intelligence Source), or more commonly known, a snitch.

paul turner police informer
Paul Turner police informant

I will not go into detail about how Paul Turner being a police snitch is relevant other than to say, he has committed multiple offences against my family and Lancashire police have failed to prosecute him.  This includes threatening to kill my wife and children as well as grossly offensive material he posted.

He also intentionally perjured himself in court which which is a serious offence, but, Lancashire police are refusing to even investigate it.  This is still being pursued in court and is currently with the IOPC.

The following is an audio recording is of PC Gardner of Lancashire police confirming Paul Turner is a police informant.

Audio Clip 1

Here PC Gardner confirms Turner is concerned he may be exposed for being a police informant.

“His [Paul Turner’s] main concern now is the police informant business cos its put him in a sensitive position he might get exposed


Audio Clip 2

Here  DC Gardner confirms that Mr Ponting was the only person that knew about him being a police informer.

“He was saying it was only you that know” [relation to being a police informant]

This is true as Paul Turner was enrolled as a Police Informant whilst working for me, with my full knowledge.  His enrollment was based purely on his knowledge of a man named Colin Pritchard who Turner assisted in his arrest, prosecution and conviction.

It is evidentially sound that Paul Turner told PC Gardner that he was a police informant.  Turner also confirmed his police informant status in an employment tribunal.

Around 4 years later, a phone call with the same PC Gardner, he tells a very different story!

Audio Clip 3

PC  Gardner LYING

Here, PC Gardner says ‘he cannot recall the previous conversation(from above) and said ‘I don’t recall Paul Turner telling me he is a police informant’. An obvious lie by a police officer.





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