Lancashire police are trying to hack into UKCP website – evidence provided

On Friday 8th February 2022, the UKCP website (this website) was attacked from IP address

Using a free lookup, the IP address is owned by Lancashire County Council and presumed to be the IP address of Lancashire police Head Quarters in Preston.

The attack was blocked after 410 successive access attempts from what appeared to be a single workstation, the attack also comprised of 77 failed admin login attempts predominantly using the username ‘paul’ and ‘anna’.

The attack later continued from and this was subsequently blocked.

From the first image, you can see the IP and range owner (Lancashire County Council).  The 3rd column shows the date and time (feb 8th), the final column shows the number of access attempts.



The second image below shows the failed login attempts during the above period on that date.  The failed login attempts were predominantly attempting the use a username of paul & anna (and several other names).

The attack stopped when the above IP address was blocked…

Such an attack is a criminal offence, under the Computer Misuse Act, funny when the police just ‘break the law’ to try to get what they want.

Wonder if Lancashire police will investigate this…

UPDATE: 12/2/2022

The attack on the website has been reported to Lancashire police. Although we are under no illusion they will investigate themselves, we would be open to criticism if it was not reported as the police would rightly argue that they cannot investigate it unless it is reported to them, so it has been reported.

The call operator was very helpful, however, he did say he was intrigued how I have linked this Lancashire County Council IP address to Lancashire police?  Stating the police have ‘their own servers‘ and do not use the council IP addresses.

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  1. We are all indebted for those who challenge and hold to account public servants with a presumption to abuse their authority with impunity. “Go Get Um Guy’s” ?

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