Lancashire police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden avoids questions

Andrew Snowden

Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden, is intentionally refusing to meet to avoid seeing evidence of alleged corruption in Lancashire police resulting from the former Chief Constable allowing perjured evidence in court proceedings.

A formal complaint against the former Chief Constable of Lancashire police is being heavily defended by the Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden.  Currently, the IOPC is reviewing a letter before action for Judicial Review over their own decision to protect the same Chief Constable.

Andrews Snowden is the latest Lancashire PCC and like his predecessor, Clive Grunshaw, seems to be avoiding his role which is to hold the Chief Constable to account.

Andrew Snowden has delegated his authority to Ian Dickinson, the same ‘Head of Governance and Accountability‘, that served Clive Grunshaw, and as before, Ian Dickinson has done everything in his power (albeit delegated, he has no power), to defend the former Chief Constable.

In a request to meet Andrew Snowden to discuss the alleged criminality of Andrew Rhodes, Ian Dickinson put up a blockage, refusing to even look at the evidence at all which is all incredibly stupid as this will go to the High Court in time where a response will be enforced asking Ian Dickinson why he ‘turned a blind eye’?

Nevertheless, a complaint about Ian Dickinson has been raised and a request to speak to his boss, Andrew Snowden about this issue.  Oddly, in an email to Andrew Snowden, Ina Dickinson intercepted it and responded.

Dear Mr Ponting

As you will recall, you requested a meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner in January.

As previously advised, in view of my decision in relation to your complaint against the Chief Constable and the fact that you have been afforded a right of review to the relevant review body (IOPC) I do not see that any purpose will be achieved in you meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner at this time.

Yours sincerely

Ian Dickinson

As you can see, a complaint about the conduct of Ian Dickinson is being ‘deflected’ by Ian Dickinson.

The email is intentionally blocking me from speaking directly to the Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden and the reason being, he knows quite well that I will bring the evidence he refuses to look at and put it on his desk.

I would then ask him

Can you see any ‘indication‘ of conduct that would, if proven, justify criminal or misconduct proceedings being brought against former Chief Constable Andy Rhodes?

This refers to the IOPC guidance on the Indication Test.

If we met, Andrew Snowden would not be able to avoid the direct question and evidence before him, therefore that is why he refuses to meet with me.

So, I have decided to put the evidence out in public on YouTube.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will very soon be making a video of the evidence, in great detail, to be put to the PCC, calling him out in public via YouTube.

Sadly, the only way to get answers these days is to make things public or use the High Courts.

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