Lancashire police Data Protection complaint NOT upheld… you decide?

A data breach allegation was made by Mr Ponting against a former Lancashire police officer, Chief Inspector Paul Almond.

Mr Almond joined North West Blood Bikes, a charity where Mr Ponting was an established volunteer before becoming a victim of Paul Brooks, (also an ex-Lancashire police officer).  Mr Ponting has since been significantly compensated for the criminal actions of Paul Brooks.

After a malicious email was sent about Mr Ponting by the then Chairman Paul Brooks Paul Almond, clicked reply, copying in 300+ charity volunteers.

Paul Almond’s response to Paul Brooks was;

Paul [Brookes], I am well aware of Mr Ponting from my time in Lancashire Constabulary.  He is very well known amongst certain sections of the Constabulary, particularly Skem division and Professional Standards.  I’m afraid he is a very vindictive and dangerous individual and he has previously waged character assassinations against individual officers, even after they have left the force.  I was shocked when I joined NWBB to see that he was a member, but clearly that did not last long thankfully.  It is my opinion that he suffers from some form of mental illness that causes him to take on any form of authority that does not 100% agree with him.  Be very wary of spending money on legal fees against him as it could end up very expensive for not much outcome against him!

It is clear from the email sent by the former Lancashire Chief Inspector Paul Almond that the information he disclosed to hundreds of people was, on balance, acquired from ‘his time in Lancashire Constabulary‘ because that is what he said.

Paul Almond made it very clear in his email that Mr Ponting was ‘very well known amongst certain sections of the constabulary, particularly the Skelmersdale division and Professional Standards‘, this is information that would only be known,  so specifically, by a police officer.  As Almond said this was acquired from ‘his time in Lancashire Constabulary‘ then the information was and is protected by the Data Protection Act and is an abuse of Mr Ponting’s personal data.

On 2nd November 2021, Lancashire PSD responded to Mr Ponting’s data breach complaint.  Their response was unsurprising because, as usual (the police investigating themselves),  they failed to uphold his complaint which is now to be appealed to the IOPC.

The IOPC are well aware of the ongoing complaints by Mr Ponting against Lancashire Constabulary, especially as Mr Ponting brought a successful Judicial Review against the IOPC where the IOPC conceded that they made an unlawful decision in support of Lancashire police.  This cost them tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees.

In their complaint response, Lancashire PSD said that the information that the former Chief Inspector Paul Almond disclosed was not from his time in Lancashire constabulary (even after Almond admitted it was), they say he acquired it from the public domain, providing no supporting evidence.

PSD denied that Chief Inspector Paul Almond or Lancashire constabulary did anything wrong.

The information that Chief Inspector Paul Almond clearly broadcast to hundreds of people was unquestionably acquired from his time in Lancashire constabulary.  This is based on the fact that this is what he said!

Any suggestion that it was not is ‘Wednesbury unreasonable’ (suitable for Judicial Review) and will be challenged if necessary.

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  1. It’s clear they use the net to communicatate and all other means ..they are a corrupt sadists network of people X police to serving police officers and personnel within police and other networks ..from my experience it’s Neighbourhood Watch Networks who use covert means of sabotaging the victims life .
    Winning a legal battle is useful but it won’t convict those corrupt UND visuals who will continue to crminilise section innocent victims I witness it in my community they operate like a pedophile porn exchange in the community exchanging info organising set ups via survalience…! Recruitment .
    Well done Paul congratulations on your Judicial Review .
    Hopefully this will be building brick for future cases brougt against this evil corrupt network .

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