Successful Judicial Review against the IOPC for supporting an UNLAWFUL decision made by Lancashire police

Evidence that the IOPC will back unlawful decisions by police and that Judicial Reviews work!

A Judicial Review was brought against the IOPC for an allegation that they were protecting Lancashire police, after Lancashire Professional Standards Department (PSD) made an unlawful decision to avoid investigating a police officer who committed perjury, contrary to s1 of the Perjury Act 1911.

Once notified of the Judicial Review, the IOPC immediately conceded.

The sealed High Court order is below.

UPDATE: Should any mainstream media like a full copy of the Judicial review evidence bundle for a national story, please contact me


Due to the legal framework within the Police Reform Act 2002, this unlawful decision made by the IOPC could not be overturned without the above consent order quashing their decision.  The IOPC agreed to pay all reasonable legal costs for this process which may be substantial.

So, what was the background?

In 2019, I was arrested, prosecuted and convicted after a police officer (Acting Inspector) assaulted me, then lied in court therefore committing Perjury.

During the incident, the police officer kicked me (used his foot) to try to force me backward.

I told the officer that I could use reasonable force if he assaulted me again.

The officer, on oath in a criminal court, denied using his foot in any way.

Officer clearly using his foot.

Therefore, I was convicted because I said “I can use reasonable force against you”.

The police officer lied.  He had kicked me and told the court that my comment was ‘threatening‘ to him, even though he had assaulted me which caused my ‘lawful’ response.

There was body worn video evidence that the police intentionally withheld from the court.  I asked the Crown Court for a mention hearing to get a Court Order to force the police to release the footage.  This was granted and the footage proved the officer had committed perjury in court and the CPS accepted my appeal without a hearing!

In my complaint against this incident, Lancashire police refused to record or investigate the complaint of perjury, suggesting that;

“the evidence had been tested in Court”, and that

“the Court did not recommend an Investigation into perjury”, and

“that I was abusing the complaint process for a Court matter”

(Ironically, the same excuse that the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner has recently used tying to protect the Chief Constable… coming soon)

After PSD refused to investigate, I appealed their decision to the IOPC.

Even with a clear appeal letter and supporting evidence, the IOPC made the same decision, backing the unlawful decision made by Lancashire police. (who would have you believe they are whiter that white!)

This decision now has to be remade and the outcome will be published.

The officer who lied in court will be facing prosecution.  This will either be by Lancashire police (should they decide to do their job), or by a private prosecution.

Perjury strikes at the heart of justice and offenders could face up to 7 years in prison! 

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  1. Who knew you can do all this. Well done, we all know how hard it is exposing an proving all these issues. Same gangs on the streets, dealing with our kids.. They dont stand a chance

  2. Well done. Keep pushing on. I admire you as when your up against such levels of corruption it takes determination and knowledge to bring them to be accountable for their unlawful actions.

  3. HELLO i am so proud of you for not letting this matter drop. People need to complain more about the police.
    We have to get rid of corruption in the police force i am for sure annoyed at all the praise they get
    but we never see the corruption in the media. i was asking if the police have any power over the people
    as they are a registered company no other private can arrest the people so how they can they.
    i would love a good lawyer to look in to that one.

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