Lancashire police officer lied on a witness statement of truth but PSD reject complaint

During a civil application made against Mr Ponting by the Chief Constable, DC Harrison ‘jumped at the chance to produce a statement to support her boss.

Sadly, the officer failed in her oath by fabricating a criminal offence against Mr Ponting, most likely believing she could hide behind the protection of Lancashire constabulary for doing so.

After the proceedings related to the perjured witness statement, a complaint was made.  Lancashire police tried to write it off as not being perjury by saying that her signed witness statement was not a witness statement, but was a Victim Personal Statement (VPS).

This means Lancashire police have admitted to ‘the statement’ being submitted as evidence against the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) which says a witness being cross-examined must serve a witness statement.  In any event, the statement is still ‘a statement‘ material to the Perjury Act 1911 and the allegation of Perjury is still made out.

Suffice to say, Lancashire police PSD did not uphold the complaint which has now been passed to the IOPC for appeal.

This is the appeal to the IOPC, their response will be published in due course.

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