British Horse Society contacts Lancashire police Chief Constable over horse welfare concerns.

After were reported a Lancashire police officer, Sgt James Cooper, intentionally blowing smoke in a police horse face, the British Horse Society has notified the complainant that they will be contacting the Chief Constable over the matter.

We expect the Chief Constables response to be public.

This is the response received from the British Horse Society who we are especially appreciative of for taking the concerns seriously.

Dear Paul,

Thank you for contacting The British Horse Society with your concerns.

Thank you for sending this through to us and we appreciate the concerns you have for this horse and the conduct of the officer, we will be contacting the Chief of Lancashire Police regarding this.

Kind Regards,


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  1. Disgraceful. A sergeant too! Should lose his job and all associated benefits (pension, healthcare, etc). My taxes shouldn’t be used to pay for this kind of outrageous, cruel behaviour. I’ll keep an eye out for the Chief’s response…

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