Lancashire police officer will be subject to criminal proceedings

A Lancashire police officer will face criminal proceedings, whether it be led by the police, or by private prosecution.

The full details of the incident can be read here.

Simply put, the officer kicked me (used his foot) and lied about it in court.

My reaction, (when he used his foot) was to tell him that I can use reasonable force, a lawful comment.

He arrested me and I was charged with s5 Public Order!

I was found guilty for putting this officer in fear of violence?

Why? Because when the officer was asked, on oath if he used his foot, he lied and said NO.

This officer is now under investigation for perjury, and Lancashire police will face a civil action for a Malicious Prosecution… again…

The irony is, this cop told the same lie in a civil hearing that was heard by QC David Knifton.  David Knifton was well aware of this lying cop and allowed him to give live perjured evidence.


  1. When you make the complaint to the Bar Council include this video !
    And the actual evidence any unlawful decision made by this KC recorder .
    He’s not a Judge as such ! Just a recorder possibly selected by the court ( as I know they Judge Pick ) there’s ways round that !
    When complaining about the conflict of Interest
    Don’t mention Masonic loaded as it will discredit you !
    And most of these individuals are not members of that fraternity ,it’s not illegal to be a member of lodge .

  2. I’ve just got out of jail for something I did not do they said police put all evidence in the bin but still got found guilty on 3 Rd trail they don’t care if they want u they will do any thing to get you thats how it is can it be different no its going to get worse be good

  3. But it’s the same again who are they going to believe someone who’s broke the law before or someone who should not??

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