Lancashire police try to pay off a rape victim after they lost her rape details

A victim of a serious & vicious rape has been offered a pittance of £2,000 from Lancashire police in a bid to keep her from speaking out in court over serious data loss.

The victim who was savagely attacked and raped had to undergo hours of medical examinations and a traumatic ABE interview (Achieve Best Evidence) with Lancashire police officers, reliving the traumatic events over and over.

The victim now suffers from mental health issues and other serious illnesses due to the attacks, however, she says that a Lancashire police officer fabricated evidence saying ‘she made it all up‘.

The officer falsely claimed the victim ‘cancelled’ the investigation in a phone call, yet, the officer has made no log entries, had never tried to contact the victim to seek a signed closure interview (a requirement), and there are no phone logs at all to support the officer’s version of events.

This Lancashire police officer was found to be ordering dirty used knickers (size 6) off eBay to satisfy his own fetish, and having them delivered to him at work, in a police station.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said:

This matter has been referred to our Professional ­Standards Department who are undertaking an investigation“.

The officer has been placed on ­alternative duties while this investigation is carried out.

Not only did the officer keep his jobs, but It is also believed he moved into Lancashire Police Cybercrime Unit where he now will have access to rape images and paedophile videos.

The victim sought advice from her friend who has experience with Lancashire police.   He advised her to get copies of all of the police evidence, including her ABE interview.

It was a devastating blow to the victim to then find out that Lancashire police admitted they had ‘LOST THE SENSITIVE ABE FOOTAGE’.

The ICO was notified of the data breach which Lancashire police admitted too but made excuses, causing further distress to the victim.

Lancashire police are the first police force to be fined by the ICO for a similar incident.


Lancashire police have now, under duress (and no doubt embarrassment),  re-opened the rape investigation and the victim has had to undergo yet another traumatic ABE interview, causing her further mental anguish.

It is understood that the alleged rapist and an accomplice have both been interviewed under police caution,  something the police did not do previously even though both were known to police.

The victim has confirmed she has no intention of settling and wants police to face her in court.

She will be seeking further advice from her solicitor whom her friend referred her to.

Will Lancashire police go and cry to a bent civil Judge and say they don’t like this post, time will tell…

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