How this website became GAGGED by Lancashire police

My name is Paul Ponting, Lancashire police gagged me from naming Lancashire police officers on this website?


Because over the last 6 years, I have been in a huge dispute with Lancashire police over their protection of a Police Informant named Paul Turner, from Skelmersdale who threatened to kill my wife and family.

Rather than charge Paul Turner, Lancashire police attempted to brush this aside, hoping I would let it drop… I didn’t.   This left me in a long-standing feud with Lancashire police seeking Justice but they were desperate to protect their Police Informant.

Turner then went on to create 100’s of malicious website postings calling me a Paedophile..! this was reported to Lancashire police who assured me they would hold him to account.  THEY DIDN’T.

Police have since confirmed in a covert audio recording that; (available by email)

“We should have prosecuted Paul Turner

We Fucked Up”

What Lancashire police did was, arrest, and charge me with Malicious Communications for naming Turner as a Police Informant.  Something I have substantial evidence to prove he is (or was).

They also threw in 3 other charges for good measure.

I was acquitted of all charges, the police were heavily criticised for malicious actions.

So, after I set-up this website to highlight what Lancashire police had done, they sought a ‘without notice’ injunction to stop me blogging.  Saying it was causing the officers ‘harassment, alarm and distress‘.  The injunction was ‘civil’, not criminal.

The leading officer in this civil case against me, told the County Court, that the information on this website was ‘the most harassing thing he had ever witnessed‘.

He was asked by my defence counsel if it was such a ‘serious’ offence, why didn’t you (as police officers), charge him with ‘harassment’.

The officer unbelievably said he wanted to prevent Mr Ponting being arrested over it.

My defence barrister smirked and said,

“you have arrested him over 10 times and tried to prosecute him over 10 times for offences not proven, all of which he was acquitted for”, one resulted in him suing Lancashire police for £35,000.  Why would you try to ‘prevent him being arrested’.

The barrister went on to accuse Lancashire police of abusing the Civil Courts as a means to imprison me ‘by the back door’, something that was suggested to me by numerous solicitors.

Lancashire police used taxpayers money, almost £40,000 (if their records can be trusted)

The sought a ‘without notice’ injunction which was granted although the courts have criticised the judge for issuing it.  This resulted in significant costs to me as I had no idea what to do and took on a significant credit card debt of £3,000 for a single hearing.

During the course of many months, Lancashire police legal department made numerous fabrications to the courts and used deceitful tactics knowing I had no legal representation.  They had ‘elevated’ access to the Courts that ordinary litigants did not have.

The legal representative for the police falsified a comment that she did not receive evidence, when in fact she had contacted the court who confirmed to me that she had done so.  This was put to her in front of the judge and she lied, only after this mention hearing did she made some half-hearted admission that she was wrong.

The same legal representative is subject to a police complaint and this will escalate to the IOPC and the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) for knowingly allowing perjured evidence to be presented in court.

One police officer fabricated a statement, easily proven, a complaint is underway.  This is likely to fail as the ‘head of Professional Standards’ had attended the court and gave evidence.  he also wished the officer making the false statement ‘Good Luck’, as she stepped up to give her evidence.

What chance does the public have when the head of PSD actually wish a lying police officer, ‘Good Luck’ when they give perjured evidence.

Lancashire police pulled out ALL resources, money NO object, to seek a gagging order on me.  What chance did I have?  The case was settled in the favour of the police (no surprises there) , this was ‘on balance’ in the judge’s view.


The Judge was David Knifton, (QC).

David Knifton is a barrister and part time judge!

Knifton has public information online promoting how he acts, in a private fee paying capacity for the police, and then, ironically sits as a Judge where police bring an application against an individual.

Some would say QC David Knifton is a ‘bent judge’.

Dadid Knifton took exception to me discussing the Freemasons online, asking me ‘why I mention them on this website’ and when I explained how I (like the majority of the world) believe they are corrupt, he said ‘RIDICULOUS’.  I obviously touched a nerve as David Knifton has a ‘soft spot’ from Freemasons


So, Lancashire police do not like the truth being published, I am gagged from publishing anything, however, everything that was publishes is still stored on googles permanent archives at WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG


  1. You and your family have my sincere sympathy from what you have written here. I come at it from a different angle having for a number of years been used as an informant by various police forces both with the U.K and the Irish Republic to spy on such groups as young Muslim males, Animal Rights groups, and even local drug dealers both in Leitrim Co Cavan and Belfast. I first became an informer for the police after child pornoraphy was found on my computer hard hard drive when I took it to be repaired. The Police in Belfast where I was living at the time and working as a male escort were called to the shop and I was arrested. I was told in no uncertain terms that with my previous criminal record I faced going away for a very long time unless I agreed to become a police informant. Stupidly I agreed and for over fifteen years I was forced to work for various handlers and my details were passed around to police in various parts of the UK I lived. I am now deeply ashamed that I ratted so very many people up to save my own arse, but I blame the police. Perhaps your informant was also forced to become a Rat?

    • You were forced to become a rat because, as you have said, you are a paedophile and took this as an easy out. You have no sympathy and I do not want your sympathy.

      • How you can ignore the desparate circumstances that forced me into becoming a Rat for the police is very sad. I was exploited due to my sexual weaknesses of which I have great difficulty controlling. I can assure you it was not an easy way out as many people I ratted now want me dead.

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