Max Coopey a drugged up killer spared jail by corrupt police

Max Coopey the KILLER
Max Coopey the KILLER

R.I.P. Jason Imi & John Shackley

Max Coopey is a killer.  He killed Jason Imi and John Shackley.  Remember their names, they are the victims of this piece of shit.

The fact that Themes Valley police did not prosecute Max Coopey for the deaths of these two innocent men should be investigated as perverting the course of justice.

The decision maker at Themes Valley police needs to be exposed and charged with this offence.

Novice driver, Max Cooley was driving a powerful Audi A5.  He is a typical ‘Rich kid‘ born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was protected by the police.

Driving under the influence of drugs, Max Coopey had 3.3mcg of Cannabis in his system.  As a result of this, Max Coopey killed two innocent men by his dangerous driving.

Bizarrely Thames Valley Police did not charge him with any offence related to the deaths.

Themes Valley police said that although Max Coopey was under the influence of drugs when he killed the two men, Coopey’s driving was ‘not impaired by drugs‘..!  What a load of pigshit!

As a result of obvious police corruption, Max Coopey was only charged with a lesser offence of driving under the influence of drugs and not ‘death by dangerous driving‘.

Max Coopey was only fined £105. This was the value of the lives of Jason Imi and John Shackley (RIP).

Known Facts

  • Coopey was using drugs prior to driving is dangerous driving.
  • Coopey was driving knowingly in this condition so it was reckless.
  • Fact is, Coopey was driving dangerously and recklessly so this was without question death by dangerous driving.

Not surprisingly, Max Coopeys mother is, (or was), a police officer at the time her son killed two innocent men.  This is most likely the reason a decision was taken by Themes Valley police not to charge the ‘police officer’s son’ or even bother to seek charging advice from the CPS.

Failing to seek charging advice from the CPS is a known tactic used by corrupt police to manipulates charges.

This case shows that being connected to police literally can get you off with murder..!

If this drugged up car driver was anyone else, or, if either of the two victims were police officers, the highest charges would be sought and a lengthy prison sentence would have been inevitable!

People in this country need to wake up..!

The police are not here to protect you or I, they protect the system and those who are rich or connected to the system.  The rest of us are just a distraction, especially if we challenge the system.

I do hope the families of the victims are seeking legal advice about actions against the police.

R.I.P. John Shackley and Jason Imi

John Shackley killed by Max Coopey
Jason Imi killed by Max Coopey


  1. You guys acting like he killed them on purpose, then you say he killed them as a result of cannabis thats bullshit. He killed them from driving fast and being irresponsible why you acting like the guys a serial killer that had the intention of killing them.

    • Have you actually read the article? He killed 2 innocent people walking home through being high on drugs. £105 fine for taking two lives??? I’d like to see what their family’s say to your comment. Send him to Prison.

  2. What a message this sends out to drug addicts who get behind the wheel and ruthlessly kill people. The dependants should be advised to take out a private prosecution

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