The Truth Behind the Uniform

The Truth Behind the Uniform

Here it is. Official launch was supposed to be tomorrow (24th May 2019), but it was placed on Amazon last night in preparation for launch and immediately went straight on to become NOT ONLY A BEST SELLER, BUT A NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER.

So the official launch was brought forward to today to keep the momentum going. It’s taken me years to write this book, my heart is laid bare for all to see and it means the world to me for your support.


Change needs to happen. I couldn’t do it as a police officer but maybe I can now.


The Blurb…

To uphold the law without fear or favour.

The police are often seen by the public and portrayed in the media as a force of integrity and justice, beyond corruption or reproach. However, the reality is that individual officers and the force as an institution are both susceptible to the same vices and shortcomings as the general public.

From institutional sexism, personal prejudices and blatant racism affecting professional conduct, bullying and outright criminal behavior, “The Truth Behind the Uniform” exposes the previously unseen side of a minority of officers in one of the UKs major police forces. ​

From humble beginnings, and facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles to success, Helen relates her journey from a small council estate in Salford, to serving as a front line police officer, bearing witness to the harsh realities of crime and injustice.

This is her story and the truth behind the uniform


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