Merseyside police harass female in her own home

This is a video from a Merseyside police BWV that was gained using a Subject Access Request.

The BWV (Body Worn Video) was worn by PC Green.

PC Green & PC Woltensholme (the female officer)  as well as a few other useless plods attended this house to have an unwelcome chat with the resident named Clare.

Clare did not want to have a chat with the police and is well within her right to turn down this request, which she did.  Rather than walk away (as they were asked numerous times by Clare), they stayed and continued to harass Clare in her own home causing a disturbance and embarrassment to her.

The stupid cops even unlawfully trespassed by reaching into her front window and opened the window blinds so they could look in causing further distress to Clare who had to shut the windows to stop them reaching in again.

Clare had done nothing wrong and has no obligation to speak to the police who ganged up on her and bullied her to try and get her to open her door.

If this was any other person doing this, the police would arrest them for harassment and breach of the peace and threats of violence as they even threatened to smash the door in with a ‘red ram’.  There was no lawful justification for this threat that they made numerous times.

If Clare had opened her door, the police would have almost certainly arrested her using any one of their excuses for an unlawful arrest.  Clare did exactly what any right minded person should do, tell the police to go away and not open the door.

The main culprit was PC 5438 Woltensholme who seemed to be revelling in the incident in front of her male colleagues.  The images show her grinning while knocking repeatedly on Clares door, causing alarm and distress.  Clare had told them to stop and go away but they continued their course of conduct of harassment.  Something you or I would be immediately arrested for if we did this.

PC 5438 Woltensholme then appears to be clutching her tits in a bizarre way while chatting to her colleagues.


If the police have a requirement to speak to you, then they are welcome to invite you to the police station for what is called a VA (Voluntary Attendance) where you can bring your solicitor to ensure the police do not abuse their powers or you can politely refuse.  If you go, you CAN legally record this interview on you own phone.  The police will tell you you can’t.  YES YOU CAN.

If you choose not to attend, it is then up to the police to decide whether they can arrest you legally.  The arrest must pass the necessity criteria.

In the video you will see that the officers actually  ‘GOOGLE’ the law, trying to find ANY crime they can use to arrest Clare (who has done nothing wrong) before they then shut down the police BWV.


PC 5438 Woltensholme even tells her male colleagues how she checked on Wikipedia on route to this address to see what lawful ‘options’ she has to deal with Clare if she does not open her door.

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