Murdered Lyrico Steede – Malicious comments by Nottinghamshire police

Two teenagers were given mandatory life sentences for the murder of Lyrico Steede in 2018 after he was lured to a recreation ground off Hempshill Lane in Bulwell. From there, Lyrico was chased and stabbed by the group, as reported in the Nottingham Post

Lyrico was just 17 years old when he died five days after he was savagely knifed.

You would think that all Nottinghamshire police would be happy to have captured his killers, but you may be wrong. In a recent exclusive article released on the UK Corrupt Police website, we released the contents of a vile Nottinghamshire police WhatsApp group showing misogynist police, but we excluded some of the racism until now.

Remember, PC Adam Brown was allegedly sacked, but no other police officers in this WhatsApp group were sacked. None of them reported these vile comments about a murdered teenager. 

Nottinghamshire police have not made any public comment about this racism against Lyrico Steede. They are aware of these comments but kept it covered up.

This was posted after Lyrico was murdered.





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