West Midlands Police confirm Darren Hogan has been charged with Harassment and Stalking but refuse to investigate other matters

In a bizarre email from Detective Chief Inspector Michael Sansbury of West Midlands CID, DCI Sansbury has (so far) refused to investigate a report of Malicious Communications by a known criminal, Darren Hogan.

DCI Sansbury appeared to be acting more as legal representation for Hogan, offering varied excuses and defences for Hogan without pursuing all (or any) reasonable lines of enquiry.

It may be considered unusual for such a senior ranking officer, a Detective Chief Inspector, to be dealing with a crime report of Malicious Communications, raising suspicions why this is being kept away from typical police ranks such as a PC or Sergeant who would more likely arrange an interview to gather evidence.

DCI Sansbury went on to confirm that Darren Hogan has recently been charged with Harassment and Stalking and strangely used this as a means to defend Hogan for his persistent online abuse of a teenage girl.

… I read it as him referring to himself as being the one who was recently charged with stalking and harassment which is true

(my emphasis)

There is no ambiguity in the above comment from DCI Sansbury confirming the serious offences against Hogan is true.

Darren Hogan also stands accused of unlawfully accessing images of a teenage girl from when she was 14-15 years old and distributing them where they were then used on a horrific website, intentionally mixing them amongst sickening adult porn images and making disgraceful comments about the young teen and her father.

DI Sansbury’s solution to such offences is to cover your eyes and do not look. He has advised the victim to block the offender and not visit what he publishes. He does not consider it worthy of stopping offenders (such as Hogan) and thinks the answer is just to ignore them spreading harm.

West Midlands police previously took no action against Hogan, leaving the female victim to fend for herself.

So, by the same logic, if someone was to create a malicious website about DI Michael Sansbury with images of him and malicious accusations against him. Maybe, horrifically labelling him a paedophile, or alternatively, if someone was knowingly spreading false information about DI Sansbury by email, would he still come to the same conclusions?

So far, the young female has been successful in bringing an application for a private prosecution against Darren Hogan. Hogan, of Comet Drive, Wolverhampton, has been summoned to face criminal charges in the Liverpool Magistrates Court in September 2023.


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  1. When will this man be stopped? All the news is always about his attacks on one family!! – what about the other families that don’t get to tell the world what he is doing to them! Police are a waste of time and either can’t or don’t want to stop this snake 🐍

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