Nigel Stringer accusses Norfolk police of a malicious prosecution and is bringing civil action

The following video shows Norfolk police attendance at Boyland Hall in Norfolk on 14 Jan 2018 when called by the homeowners on 999 during an armed raid by more than four men.

The police arrested the homeowner and son and charged them both with racially aggravated ABH, harassment & battery (common assault by beating).

Police were told at the scene that one of the men had a handgun, another a crossbow-type weapon.

Norfolk police did not search their cars.

Three knives were found hidden in the ground the following day.

Shortly before the trial, police accidentally unredacted evidence that they already knew that the man carries a gun and uses it. At trial, the other was forced to admit he did have a weapon.

Two Crown Court trials ran out of time, and at the third, Nigel Stringer and his son were acquitted after four weeks of evidence and four years of waiting. At the time of arrest, Nigel Stringer was a serving Norfolk Magistrate of 26 years.

The evidence shown in the video has all been disclosed at three criminal trials and one civil trial. It is, therefore, public knowledge and lawful to display. The Stringers have commenced a civil claim against Norfolk Police for £500,000.’



  1. There is a certain level of stupidity for a judge to find a piece of evidence as serious as a knife and to let his wife pose with said knife with their bare hands completely ruining the “evidence”

  2. I am utterly appalled by this video & of the disgraceful conduct & “service provided” by this police force (which is mine!) Staggered that this was done to a judge (well the police must have had some sort of grudge against him) to allow for this fiasco to unfold as it did. But why am I not surprised by the police attitudes & how they act & think? Because they have “fitted me up” with out my having the opportunity to go to court & factually prove innocent! So lies aplenty left on NHS & police records,so I “look like a criminal on paper”!! I am also an advocate.One of these officers was involved(OIC)in a case of “apparent suicide” but it was a murder & they did not carryout any investigations Just got it all done & dusted as a suicide by the end of their shift!! How many times does that happen? Also, their partners the Suffolk gang, are guilty of entrapment “setting up a whistleblower” & terrorising this lady & giving her a criminal record. I found it rather strange after reviewing the heavily redacted/edited footage, that the CPS & the judge had not noticed what I had noticed ie the complete staging of it with a police van waiting at the end of the road!!These two forces share the same PSD unit, who I will state have person’s within who I believe are corrupt! I also found that the control room & data protection depts are very deceitful & obliging in being very obstructive too As for the Norfolk PCC more of the same. I wish this judge all of the luck in the world in winning

  3. Wow, shows complete and utter corruption. What a awful ordeal.No wonder Norfolk policed were graded inadequate recently.

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