A Lancashire police data breach fuels malicious trolls to target the victim in a hate crime ** UPDATED **

UPDATED: George Vella has replied publically

In 2021, Lancashire police appear to have made a serious data breach by leaking sensitive, confidential information about a vulnerable person to a West Midlands Troll, Neil Wilkes, based on his own comment on a post made by George Vella.

On 29th May 2023 at 22:17, George Vella posted the following comment.

I can hear him screaming data breach and he could of had all this information and would of won any claim. LOL. Full medical report. Even his doctor says he’s nuts!

Below his comment was the following screenshot from Lancashire police, admitting to a data breach and asking the recipient to destroy it.

It is obvious that George Vella (a man who has a criminal conviction for photographing children over a garden wall), is taking great delight in attacking the victim with mental health issues.

George Vella is clearly expecting the victim to see it by his comment, “I can hear him screaming data breach“, then confirms he has the victim’s medical report, which George Vella goes on to suggest the victim is NUTS.

As George Vella has a private medical report, and based on Vella’s own comment relating to a serious mental health condition, it would appear George Vella is committing a hate crime

The CPS say

“Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice, based on a person’s disability or perceived disability; race or perceived race; or religion or perceived religion; or sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation or transgender identity or perceived transgender identity.”

George Vella’s friend, Neil Wilkes (whose own wife confirmed that Neil got a minor pregnant), dives into the conversation to proudly confirm he was the recipient of the data breach. Neil Wilkes posted the following.

I told them they sent it me so I’m keeping it in the bundle.

They threatened a court order to remove it and I told them crack on go and get one.

I’ve heard nothing since then, and it remains in the bundle


Neil Wilkes ignores the police request to destroy the data and makes it clear he intends to use the personal data of another person for his own sick malicious reasons and finds it comical that he has amassed significant confidential material. It is unknown if this is the personal data of a child.

Neil Wilkes posts a further comment 1 minute later, saying.

It is funny how it has Name, date of birth, address, medical ailments listed, NHS number, surgery details, phone number and more details 😀



Darren Hogan (who has police cautions for child abuse) is another notorious convicted troll from the West Midlands who then requests a copy of the personal data breached by Lancashire police. Hogan is also facing prosecution for targeting a 15-year-old Girl and is soon to face the courts.

Darren Hogan says

Send it to me

Making matters worse, many of George Vella’s cult like followers have LAUGHED at or LIKED this post, clearly abusing a vulnerable victim.

The Hate Crime has been reported to the police

A Freedom of Information request has been made to Lancashire police about the data breach, and they have been asked if the Subject of the Data breach was made aware and that the Subject should be notified of the distribution of their personal data.

The ICO will be notified in due course.

If you are suffering from Mental Health Issues, please contact Mental Health Awareness  or MIND



Since this article has been published, George Vella has made a public statement. I cannot disclose the full content for legal reasons. However, in relation to the comment in this article above, “a man who has a criminal conviction for photographing children over a garden wall

George Vella has stated.

Internet troll Paul Ponting claims I have been convicted of taking photographs over a garden wall of children! This is madness as one there is no such charge and two where are his victims?

George Vella has completely misinterpreted this article.

Facts: George Vella was prosecuted and convicted under The Protection from Harassment Act for taking photographs over a garden wall of children. George Vella unsuccessfully appealed the conviction and was further ordered to wear an electronic tag.

There is no madness in our factual article.

There was no reference to him being convicted ‘of taking photographs over a garden wall of children’, he was convicted OF Harassment FOR taking pictures of children.  Harassment requires a course of conduct, so this will only be one of the incidents he was found guilty of.

Further, George Vella says, “where are his victims” which is another (intentionally) misleading comment. The victims are George Vella’s victims. He is trying to disassociate from his crime involving children. There is no inference his offence involved a sexual element. We are not aware of the context of the photographs.

George Vella has also claimed that the author of this article has reported the data breach to be about himself. This is incorrect. The author has made no claim this data breach subject is himself, it is clearly of another vulnerable person.

George Vella says

He has now gone to police claiming they gave us documents about his health when they did send us the records of a third-party but it was not him. Those documents were then given to the person involved as soon as we traced him.

George Vella has declared the victim of the data breach is known and has been contacted, yet George Vella and Neil Wilkes actively try to harass the victim by declaring him NUTS and making it clear they are withholding his personal data and distributing it.

George Vella is invited to respond to the above.

The police have been notified of George Vella’s post, as he has made grossly offensive and malicious comments. He has also made admissions of stalking. George Vella is unhinged, as he will not stop his irrational and malicious posts. Unless the police stop him, we can only, and will, respond publically.


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