No more rip off 101 calls – 101 calls FREE from 1st April 2020

from 1st April 2020, calls to 101 are now FREE.

Our website has been campaigning for this for years, even promoting alternative numbers that will be free, it appears we (and others) have forced their hand.

Calls to 101 were fixed at 15p even if the call is only 1 second.  Police say they did not profit from this… well someone did?

30 million calls at 15p equate to £4.5 MILLON.  Raw wholesale costs for calls are minuscule!


The Home Office has requested that all calls to the non-emergency service, 101, are free of charge from 1st April 2020.

The phone service, which receives around 30 million calls annually, connects the public to their local police force or one of their choice. This change aims to alleviate pressure on 999 services while also providing support to millions of people every year, particularly the vulnerable.


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