Do Lancashire police think we are a police state!

As usual, Lancashire police jump in, head first all guns blazing at every opportunity!

As in this article by the Guardian, Lancashire police have taken enforcement action 123 times where other forces have taken none.

Lancashire police are well known for their ‘gung ho’ approach to getting their own way as this website knows all too well.

The guidance stresses officers “police by consent” (Lancashire constabulary…. we are not a police state!).

The briefing to officers, which they will be expected to follow, says: “The coronavirus act and coronavirus regulations do not explicitly confer any powers on police officers to stop vehicles.

Officers are told that enforcement actions such as arrest or the issuing of a fine should be used as a last resort.

The emergency laws are unprecedented in their scope and breadth for British policing.

The guidance says;

Use them [the emergency laws] during the national emergency while honouring the traditions of British policing

It goes on;

We police by consent. The initial police response should be to encourage voluntary compliance.

“There is no power to ‘stop and account’. The police will apply the law in a system that is flexible, discretionary and pragmatic. This will enable officers to make sensible decisions and employ their judgment. Enforcement should be a last resort.

It is suspected that Lancashire police officers are treating this as a game to see who can issue the most fines!

Anyone who has been issued with a fine by Lancashire police (that appears to have been issued overly zealously) should contact us.

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