Northamptonshire Police officer PC Aaron Parry faces gross misconduct hearing over social media posts

Videos included references to drug dealer, detained person's nationality and flippant commentary on Covid-19 pandemic

A Northamptonshire Police constable is due to face a two-day disciplinary hearing this week over claims he posted inappropriate material on social media.

PC Aaron Parry is accused of gross misconduct over video clips posted on his account between January and April last year.

Two of the offending clips showed PC Parry and a colleague dressed in police uniform — one of them in a vehicle — with music and captions.

According to particulars of the alleged misconduct, the clips included lyrics which:-

  • Contained references to “drug dealer”
  • Referenced a detained persons circumstances and/or his nationality and immigration status and/or his health.
  • Contained inappropriate and/or offensive captions and lyrics and flippant commentary on the Covid-19 pandemic.

PC Parry will face a disciplinary hearing at Force HQ on Wednesday (July 7) and Thursday.

Police officers found to have committed gross misconduct the possible outcomes range from dismissal without notice to management advice.

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