Personal Data Breach by Bedfordshire police confirmed by the ICO

DC Neil Patrick, a constable in Cambridgeshire police, thought he would try to get in touch with me and to persuade me to be a witness for the police in prosecuting a victim of the police. I will (and have previously on this website) refer to her as Angela.

DC Neil Patrick of Cambridgeshire police did not have my contact details, so, (and for some strange reason) says he contacted Bedfordshire police Data Compliance Department.

This is the reasoning from DC Neil Patrick, which quite frankly stinks of bullshit. (and the ICO disagrees with his BS)

Information rights contacted me as a Subject Access Request had been made by you to them. This was to enable any information held by me in my investigation that was relating to you to be shared with information rights department for their assessment on disclosure. This is usual practice for the Information rights department to contact officers to ask for the specific information related to the subject if they are investigating any matters linked to the subject. I supplied this information to them.

I was then requested by the Crown Prosecution Service to make contact with you and ask if you would be willing to provide a statement detailing your involvement in the case.

I was aware the Information rights department had been in contact with you, so I then requested your contact details for the lawful purpose of investigating a crime.

I then emailed you asking if you wished to provide a statement, which you declined but you provided your statement of truth that you had supplied to the Family Court. This statement is part of the case CPS are considering.

(My emphasis)

Lawful purpose of investigating a crime – BULLSHIT. DC Neil Patrick UNLAWFULLY (see ICO response below) acquired my email address and then contacted me via unsolicited email.   He tried to persuade me to give a statement for the prosecution…  What a tit!  I was (and still am), a witness for the defence!

The facts are, I made a Subject Access Request (SAR) to Bedfordshire police over other matters. This was done in confidence. Within my SAR, I instructed the Data Compliance team NOT to disclose my personal details to anyone for any purpose, and to destroy my ID as soon as my SAR was verified. They agreed, which turned out to be a LIE.

After submitting a complaint to both forces over this data breach, both forces did all they could to defend their actions, refusing to accept or admit they had done anything wrong, so it was reported to the ICO, and today, the ICO have responded, saying;

I have considered the information available to me in relation to this complaint and I am of the view that Bedfordshire Police has not processed your data in a fair manner and has therefore not complied with its obligations under data protection law in this instance.

For the purposes of data protection law, ‘fairness’ generally means ensuring that an individual is made fully aware, wherever possible, of anything that is going to happen to their data which they would not necessarily expect.

Since Bedfordshire Police did not make you aware of their intention to pass your email on to another office, I am of the view that they have not processed your personal data fairly.

Further, Bedfordshire Police stated in an email sent to yourself on 1 October 2021, which I have attached, that they would not provide your personal details to anyone else for any reason. Considering this assurance, I am of the view that Bedfordshire Police should have fully informed you as to how your personal data was going to be used in this instance.

ICO letter

So, the ICO has confirmed that Bedfordshire police have breached Data Protection Law!

The police are all too quick to criticise me for publishing information about police wrongdoings on this website, even going so far as committing perjury to try to prevent me.  Police will lie anytime they are found at fault, it is engrained into them by their superiors.  It is time this changes.

Publication of the police forces and officers involved is the only way to show the public how vindictive they can be, and how they are prepared to break any law they wish to achieve their goal.

Take a bow DC Neil Patrick.

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  1. A classic example of the good overcoming the evil. It is however a sad reflection on today’s world that people with’power’will seek to maintain and enhance such power in order to satisfy the cravings they get from using it. Not unlike serious drug abusers you can expect corruption, falsehoods, violence, racism and infedelity. All this under the cover of Modern Policing.

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