Police officer punches a man in the face and pins him down by the neck during street arrest in Birmingham

West Midlands Police

Shocking footage shows the moment a police officer punched a man in the face after pinning him to the ground by his neck during a street arrest.

The suspect can be heard yelling out in pain as two officers drag him from a police car and attempt to detain him in Yardley, Birmingham on Thursday (29/7).

One of the cops can be seen leaning on the man’s neck before forcibly punching him in the face as they wrestle him to the ground beside the patrol car.

An onlooker can be heard saying: “Na man, f***ing hell” as the officer delivers the blow before a middle-aged woman and two other men get involved in the fracas.

The officer tells the other members of the public “get back, get back” as they angrily confront them shouting: “He’s in a bad way”.

The footage was uploaded to the Birmz is Grime blog with the caption: “West Midlands police you’re in the wrong for this one.”

Some web users agreed unreasonable force had been used but others jumped to the defence of the officers and blamed the suspect for resisting arrest.

One wrote: “Funnily enough the video missed out why the geezers being dragged out the car for initially.

“Then he’s resisting and tries to kick the copper – only give what you can take, clearly a wrong un, lucky he only got a little slap.”

Another added: “Moral of the story ….don’t get nicked and if you do don’t resist”

A third put: “Don’t resist arrest you won’t get slapped , it’s not hard to understand.”

But one Twitter user wrote: “That could have been resolved without a punch to the face. Violence breeds violence. He won’t respect the police anytime soon.”

Another added on Instagram: “Police are employed to keep us safe and not punch and sit on us.”

One commented: “If we did that in the military, we would be court marshalled in a week… these cops, think they can there hands on anybody they want.”

Another said: “Wtf man, can’t be sending bangs like that.”

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