Police responsible for the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans at Hillsborough

police guilty of 96 deaths

guilty_of_manslaughter_of_96_liverpool_fans_Chief_Superintendent_David_DuckenfieldThe jury found that the match Commander Chief Supt David Duckenfield was responsible for manslaughter by gross negligence due to a breach of his duty of care.

“Police errors” also added to a dangerous situation at the FA Cup semi-final.

The prime minister said the inquests had provided “official confirmation” fans were “utterly blameless”, yet, for 27 years, Police have lied and conspired to cover up their wrongdoing and blamed fans!  The youngest fan to die was only 10 years old and this disgusting excuse for a human blamed fans to cover his own back like a coward.
Chief Supt David Duckenfield has lived free for the last 27 years and should no longer have any freedom.  The rest of his life should be served in Walton Prison in Liverpool where I am sure he will be most welcomed!

It is no wonder a growing number of people have no faith in the Police.  The use their power to act above the law. It is difficult to get a crime logged and recorded as a crime if the Police do not want it logged.  While it is true they are not above the law, they do have a lot of control of the law and are able to hinder and block investigations where they see fit.  This must end.



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  1. I am a Hillsborough survivor and I was crushed against a barrier in Pen 4 of Leppings Lane and suffered significant injuries and a 30 year battle with PTSD. I am in process of claims against SYP/WMP through my solicitor and I was interviewed by Operation Resolve. I have written a book about Hillsborough.

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