Ruthless Joel Rodwell, OTS News owner blames his own dead father for Malicious Communications

Joel Rodwell OTS News
Joel Rodwell OTS News

It has been brought to our attention that Joel Rodwell of OTS News in Southport is still blaming his dead father for Malicious Communications committed by Joel Rodwell himself in order to avoid criminal prosecution.

Joel Rodwell sent grossly offensive Malicious Communications to a victim of crime threatening to publish malicious comments brandishing him a paedophile, simply because the victim had left a negative review about the OTS News reporting tactics.  The full article can be read here.

Instead of admitting the offence, Joel Rodwell cowardly fabricated a story implicating his dead father who had only recently deceased in the knowledge that it would aid him avoiding prosecution of an indictable offence.  While his family were in mourning of Phil Rodwell, Joel was blaming his father to get himself ‘off the hook’.  How could he stoop so low!

At the time of the offence, Joel Rodwells father (Phil Rodwell) was terminally ill and died within a week of the offence being committed.

Phil Rodwell at this time was in a hospice and had no ability to, or motive to send the malicious emails to the victim and make Facebook updates and website updates (all using Joel Rodwells personal credentials).

Further evidence has been provided to the Police and the case is being monitored by Southport MP, John Pugh.

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