Ponting v Lancashire police (Malicious Prosecution No 2)

Lancashire police face a second malicious prosecution civil claim from the same victim of police abuse

This week it has been confirmed that Lancashire police will face yet another civil claim for another costly Malicious Prosecution legal claim.  DPP Law are again in the driving seat bringing this second Action Against Lancashire Police for a second time against the same victim!

This website began after I was subject to a Malicious Prosecution by Lancashire police in 2014.  See Iain Gould of DPP Law’s blog on this.

Lancashire police settled that claim in 2018 for £35,000 out of court (and out of tax payers money) after I was acquitted of four false charges Lancashire police maliciously brought against me.

Lancashire police made their fateful decision to try and discredit me after I published conclusive evidence about Paul Turner, one of their Police Informants.  I did this after ‘teflon Turner‘ from Skelmersdale (who is now believed to be in hiding in Benidorm), made threats to kill my wife and children and other malicious targeted attacks!

Lancashire police made an unlawful decision to ‘protect him’ rather than ‘prosecute him’.

This latest Civil Claim will highlight not only how Lancashire police foolishly brought another malicious prosecution against me, this time they (initially) succeeded in me being falsely convicted and this time, it can be proven that they intentionally committed Perjury to achieve this malicious act!

It will also highlight how the Police and Crime Commissioner has repeatedly ‘turned a blind eye’ to the corruption and resulting abuse of tax-payers money.  Then there is the local MP, Rosie Cooper (check her reviews!) who is fully aware of the ‘unlawful’ police protection of the police informant to the detriment of one of her constituents.

Perjury is a ‘serious criminal offence’, contrary to the Perjury Act 1911 and if found guilty, offenders could face up to 7 years in Prison.

I made an immediate application for an appeal of this ‘unsafe’ conviction.

Lancashire police, who are supposed to ‘serve and protect’, refused point blank to release crucial evidence that was damaging to their case and critical in proving my innocence, this is unquestionably, Perverting the Course of Justice!

I made an application to the Crown Court for a Court Order which was granted, forcing Lancashire police to release the critical evidence (and my property) that they were unlawfully withholding.

The release of the evidence proved several important facts.

  1. The prosecution was by all accounts Malicious, and;
  2. That an Acting Inspector intentionally gave false evidence to secure my conviction. (Perjury), and;
  3. That another Inspector (‘now retired‘), who unlawfully refused to return the evidence, did so Perverting the Course of Justice. Retirement should jolly well not protect him from charges.

My appeal was accepted and my conviction immediately quashed once the CPS reviewed the damaging evidence against Lancashire police.  The CPS then offered NO defence to the new evidence.  No trial was required.

The Ormskirk officer(s) that lied?

Well, unsurprisingly, Lancashire police refused to hold any officer to account.

Even in the face of the substantial prima facie evidence of the criminal offence of Perjury, a serious criminal offence that is said to ‘strike at the heart of justice‘, Lancashire police refused to act lawfully, abusing their police powers .  This defensive stance was taken by the Professional Standards Department (PSD) who seemingly and actively support police officers lying on oath.

There is now significant evidence of corruption, a point that the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner agreed to stamp out on BBC Radio Lancashire.

A complaint has been submitted to the Police and Crime Commissioner to hold the Chief Constable to account for his active hand in this corruption (before he retires in April 2021).

This will be a thorough investigation as promised by the Crime Commissioner, who made this promise live on BBC Radio Lancashire where he said that Other police forces will be brought in to investigate allegations of corruption.

Lets hope the Crime Commissioner sticks to his word.  I am sure he would not lie on BBC Radio.

Lancashire police were asked for their comments but failed to acknowledge or respond to our offer of a Right of Reply.



  1. Please can you help me police have gbh punch me harassment so much unlawfully arested sevrel times .i was very unwell at time .paul satchell u tube iv lots more vid daming evedence .and years ago police dvd of them in the police car conspiring to get me .thay did and recked my paragliding gear on two separate times .iv had my children harasd .i had cop in stationg tell me to my face thay will take everything from me my marige my family my home .when i told her i was filming hes she shit her self behind the glass screen wile she had a telephone on her ear she sed fuck hes bludey fiming me .i left the police station fast .and put it on utube .the next day put my pc on and a viros kiled my heard drive .but the vid is still on the net .only month ago police out side my van blue lights flashing into my van parked right in frunt of me so i could not drive away .then started rocking my van shaking me about skear to deth in side .i started filming them as soon as i could vid on u tube fb

  2. It really underlines the fact there is one law for us and one for them, I’m disgusted at the affrontery of the Lancashire police inspector for his nursery creche attitude!keep up the good work and although the commissioner talks a good game, it’s all sound bite and no action in this obvious case of malicious prosecution!

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