Private Prosecution against a Lancashire police officer – Update 11.5.2022

Today I received an update from the Criminal Courts relating to a Private Prosecution application that I submitted in March 2022, for a Lancashire police officer who committed perjury, and with the knowledge of the then Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes.

The court has given the following update;

Good afternoon,

I have today chased the legal team and have been made aware that the decision is in the hands of the senior magistrate office in London.

Our process in these cases is very strict and we must await their formal decision regarding special jurisdiction consideration.

This was sent off on 29/04/2022 and was chased yesterday 10/05/2022.

As soon as we get a response, someone will be in touch.


The police officer who gave the intentional false witness statement is facing a private prosecution for the offence of Perjury, Contrary to the Perjury Act 1911 and Misconduct in Public Office, contrary to Common Law.

Lancashire police are soon facing a legal challenge for allowing the perjured evidence which is argued was intended to deceive the Judiciary in an unsafe judgement.

Further Media Enquiries relating to this case can contact us for details


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  1. I am sorry to put the dampner on all this. The British Court system is every bit as corrupt as its uniformed muscle. Any private prosecution is just giving money to the paracites who comprise the so called “justice” system. What we really need is another Guy Fawkes to deal with them (except that even that wouldn’t work). We need a revolution and for the merchants of injustice in their scarlet robes and stupid whigs to be dancing on air from lamposts for all the injustice they have visited upon so many.
    Please don’t give the system money. I know it is hard to suffer injustice and not see vengence visited upon the unjust but the filthy British legal system in not the place to receive justice; at least don’t give the money grubbers money! Lick your wounds and keep your money!

  2. Luv it!….oh I wish I was 30/40years younger with a ‘tools’ like social media, camera and even bigger mouth.

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