Lancashire police refuse to record two complaints unless handwritten by victim with hand disability

Almost 12 months have passed since two specific complaints were raised against two Lancashire police incidents.

Lancashire police have refused to record them on the grounds they want me to put the complaints in handwriting.   I am apparently not allowed to send complaints to Lancashire police via the IOPC or via email. So, to comply with their draconian rules, I sent the complaints via a recorded letter.

Upon receipt of my letter, PSD responded stating they will only accept complaints from me if I put them in handwriting on specific forms and then post them.

Sadly, Lancashire PSD felt it appropriate to restrict me from normal methods to report complaints about their failings.  This was because I have had a lot of complaints to report since their malicious attacks of me.  The more the police failed me, the more I was restricted to report their failings to them.

(Images from the first of 6 operations from 2016)

I have a degenerative hand condition called Dupuytren Contracture, I have had it for over 10 years and it is progressively getting worse.

I have had SIX corrective operations (3 on each hand) and skin grafts on each to repair the injury sites,

I will soon require a further operation due to the condition worsening.  The condition causes a lot of discomfort in my hands and makes any significant writing very painful.

Lancashire police are aware of this condition, and I alleged that this is why they have put these restrictions in place.

We live in a world where digital communication is the norm, yet, I am forced to ‘hand write’ letters, drive to a post office (wasting fuel) and then pay to post a ‘letter’ to the police that they then just ignore.

I have asked them to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ under the Equality Act 2010. So far, they have ignored this request and the complaints remain unrecorded.

The Equality Act says

there’s a duty to make reasonable adjustments if you’re placed at a substantial disadvantage because of your disability compared with non-disabled people or people who don’t share your disability. Substantial means more than minor or trivial.

The complaints police are reluctant to investigate are (both open in YouTube);

  1. This incident that happened on my private property.
  2. This incident which also happend on my private property.


I will update this article when there are any updates.


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  1. Just when I thought they couldn’t show more contempt for the ‘public’. Perhaps that Police Service might like to invite this new phenomenon call ‘Police Auditors’these are people who travel around the country to test the Police and other services in how they react to their presence. They have subscribers who view their content on line so the interaction can be ‘very interesting’ (understatement) Whilst it’s good to stay on the right side of the law there is no reason the stay inside the law but in way that gets under the Polices Skin. If you haven’t seen one look them up, more than one as they vary. Personally I would give some of the a heads up to go ‘Audit’ specific placesd and people. It helps if they have a background story ‘to investigate’ this would be the purpose of turning up with cameras! Sorry I’m getting excited at the prospect of seeing some of these Police challenged out in public where the ‘Auditors’ have right to be.

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