Rape victim ignored by the Police

rape victim ignored the police

The victim in this article is Sandra Uttley, a rape victim ignored by the Police.  This is her story posted with her permission.

Further details about this horrific incident by Cleveland Police (aka Clevestone Cops) against a rape victim ignored by the Police, can be found at the following Facebook page.



RAPED by X and RAPED by the police

At the time I reported the rape and sexual assault of me, I had no idea my rapist had already damned me to the Clevestones . So when the PSD sent out Inspector Bill Jones to see me (with PC Elizabeth Pate) in March 2011, I didn’t know they worked for “Community Support” and that they’d come to talk me out of pursuing my rape complaint, having already decided – with absolutely NO investigation – that it was a false allegation. Jones told me it would make my life much worse – in the very small community where I live – if I insisted on an investigation. I believed him, not knowing the Clevestones would then endeavour to further make my life even more of a hell. It would be a full year later before I finally worked out that my rapist was being actively protected by the police.

rape victim ignored by the PoliceWhen Spock – PC Robin Butler, also of “Community Support” – said to me in an extremely aggressive manner three years later, “did you have thumbscrews put in to get you to withdraw your allegation?”, the full extent of the protection of Rapist X was clear.

Is it rape when a man with erectile dysfunction gets you in an arm-lock stranglehold and forces you to perform oral sex? Yes it is. The use of or threat of violence to perform any sex act is RAPE.


Rape (section 1)

The elements of rape are:

  • (A) intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis;
  • (B) does not consent to the penetration, and
  • (A) does not reasonably believe that (B) consents

I’ve spoken to several counsellors about my experience of rape and one wryly commented that maybe this is common with the police … maybe they suffer sexual dysfunction and force their wives into non-consensual sexual acts. Well, it’s a thought. And it would explain a lot about their protection of Rapist X…

Cleveland Police has a poor reputation for dealing with rape victims as the following news article shows


49 rape victims ignored by the Police are being re-investigated.  Unfortunately, the rape of Sandra Uttley has not, as yet, being investigated.


  1. Police altered a statement with their own words on it so could prosecute me when told magistrates they had done this started laugh g found me guilty.
    There wasn’t even a victim. Had to pay five hundred pounds this conviction which is so minor there still using against me almost five years later.
    Been thoroughly done over.

  2. I feel for this lady, they should hang their heads in disgust,, wonder how they would feel if it was their mother,, their daughter or sister etc,, and the ones who stood back and know are just as bad as them who did nothing

  3. Or it could be a case of one word against another – and you need to prove the case “beyond reasonable doubt” in UK law. Unless there are witnesses, where will your evidence be to contradict his version of events?

    • Most crimes are one word against another, some are fortunate of having substantial evidence, most rapes do not have much in the way of solid evidence and the facts and circumstances should and must be put to a jury, NOT the Police to decide.

      • If it’s one word against another – what are you wanting he jury to decide on? There has to be sufficient factual evidence to prove guilt. Circumstantial evidence is not enough and the jury can not base their decision on whether they happen to believe one person or not. If there is not enough (or zero) factual evidence to support a crime, why does it need to go to a court/jury to decide? And, if it does, what are they going to use to make their decision.

        • Most, if not all cases of rape are one word against another. Circumstantial evidence CAN be enough given the circumstances and mitigating factors, it all comes down to who the jury believes. This is how the UK legal system works.

          • No, it can never be enough. The burden of proof has to be ‘proven beyond reasonable doubt’. You can never have this with circumstantial evidence and no jury will be given the opportunity to decide on guilt based on this. It’s like saying that the local supermarket has had a theft and you were in the shop at the time – therefore a jury can find you guilty based on this alone eventhough there is no direct evidence against you.

          • So, by example, a man walks into a room with a gun, closes the door. The witness outside hears a bang. The man walks out. In the room is a person, dead from a gunshot wound. There are no other doors or windows. The witness saw the man walk into the room with a gun and walk out again. This is circumstantial evidence, the burden of proof is based on the case presentation and the witness cross examination. In rape cases, (such as this), there are dozens of messages, witness admissions of sexual assault. None of which are direct evidence. Circumstantial is all we have in many cases in law, be it rape or other criminal cases.

            This is a direct excerpt on the very subject.
            The prosecution can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt by building a case through direct and/or circumstantial evidence.

            Direct evidence “directly” shows the defendant’s guilt, for example, a witness who testifies he saw the defendant committing a crime. Circumstantial evidence, on the other hand, is indirect evidence that may lead to the inference that the defendant committed a crime even though there is no direct proof, for example, a clothing with the victim’s DNA found at the defendant’s house if the two didn’t live together.

            Of course not all circumstantial evidence is created equal; some is stronger or weaker than others, and this is where jury discretion comes in. It is up to the individual members to weigh the importance of each piece of evidence and then come to a conclusion together as to whether the prosecution has proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

  4. I am suddenly proud of the police force in my country. Ignore a rape victim Cazzo , Is Britain a Muslim country , oh I forgot , it is now a Muslim country. They don’t prosecute rapist ..

  5. Bad things are happening all over the UK, reporting crimes to the police is very dangerous as i know having been kidnapped by them in 2010 and given a kicking, just for reporting a crime……

    • Cleveland Police prosecuted me for reporting crime… and put me in prison! I agree, the police are very dangerous.

      • No. The police present the evidence to a court, then the court or jury judge the conclusion based on the evidence presented both for and against. And it has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

        • crap. the police ‘doctor’ evidence and submit false summaries of interviews this happened to me. there was lots of doubt being innocent but that didnt matter

          • No – The interviews can be played out in full at court if you doubt the summary of them. Witness statements have to be confirmed by the witness as a true record in court and forensic evidence must be confirmed by the scientists. So the evidence can not be ‘doctored’ and if you believe it has been, it can be challenged and verified.

      • I agree it’s about time particularly after mallan was exposed for knowing CID officers were corrupt, the custody suite a drugs den of bribery, police brutality away from the cctv , Barry Shaw chief of Cleveland police knew, the public knew, and now they are still playing Russian roulette with street dealers, whose quiet grassing, is allowing leadership of drug dick heads to be the kingpin of streets because they know they are untouchable, so more drugs and more crime on the streets, can’t quite work out why coppinger don’t suss out dole slinks who have a good lifestyle on dole money and half of them never had a job. After all has,not kingpin Jonathan Moorby stockton on tees Drug Barron who has many minions been caught…

    • Oh darn , pedophilia , rape , went on for decades and it is only coming out now. How many children’s life did they destroy , killed. And everybody is on it . It is unbelievable , the lost of morality from this tight upper lip citizens of this country , who are after all , a low life citizens of England .

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