Merseyside Police officer removes illegal bicycle from scene of accident

A Merseyside Police Officer removes evidence from a road collision in Southport.

The officer has been caught ‘red handed‘ removing this crucial evidence from the scene of an accident and then pressuring the innocent car driver to sign an admission of guilt.

PC 6926 Kurt Timpson has confirmed that the bicycle was removed from the scene of the accident before uniformed Police arrive.

PC Timpson also confirmed that the cyclists father is a Police officer who was ‘off duty’ at the time and was present at the scene.

PC Timpson also sent an email clearly stating this illegal bike is LEGAL…..

The collision was between a car and a bicycle on the junction of Scarisbrick New Road and Haig Avenue on Friday 15th July 2016.

police officer removes evidence
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The Bicycle had no brakes, as seen in the photograph taken at the scene, and was being ridden on the busy road.

Police insisted to the car drive (who queried the lack of brakes) that the bike had a rear wheel brake, although the officer had not even seen the bike as it had been removed prior to his arrival.  This information about the alleged rear wheel brake was passed to PC Timpson by the cyclist’s off duty Police Officer father.

Under the UK Road Traffic Act, bicycles require two brakes.  See this article for layman terms

The full legislation is here:

Even if the bicycle did have a rear ‘back pedal brake‘ as alleged by Police, the photograph clearly shows no front brake, making this bicycle illegal on UK roads.

The father of the injured cyclist was quick to attend the scene and although he is a police officer, he did not identify himself as a Police officer but was taking witness information?

police officer removes evidence
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The cyclists mother was made aware of the lack of brakes on the bicycle by an independent witness, the bike was ‘soon after’ whisked away.

The father had not attended in any official capacity but allowed his son’s friends to remove the ‘brakeless bicycle’ (evidence) from the scene before a uniformed police officer arrived to inspect it.

The car driver was understandably breathalysed by Police however it is understood that the cyclist was not breathalysed.

police officer removes evidence
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After the uniformed officer arrived, he ‘insisted‘ that the car driver was at fault and pressured him to sign an admission of guilt ‘there and then’, this was before taking any witness statements or any evidence was considered.

The Police ‘warned’ the young car driver that failing to sign an admission of guilt ‘there and then‘ would mean a court summons and he was told he would not win.  He was told that he would receive 6 penalty points and the loss of his license as he was 2 days short of his second year driving without incident.

police officer removes evidence
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The young driver who was very shaken and extremely distressed due to the incident, signed the admission under duress.

A formal complaint as been made to Merseyside Police via the IPCC website.

PC 6926 has stated in an email the following:

I can confirm it was a fixed wheel style bike.  This basically means they have no visible braking system, but instead the rider has to pedal backwards, which acts as the braking system and slows the bike down.  These are legal and whilst it would not be my first choice of braking system, it is effective at braking

When it was pointed out that the cycle should not have been removed from the scene of the accident, PC 6926 replied:

“I agree that the bicycle should not have been removed, but as I say these things happen a lot, especially with bikes.  The fact that the cyclist has a Police Officer as a Father does not make any difference to our investigation.

PC 6926 went on to say in his email:

When the Road Traffic Act was written, the world was a very different place and the types of motor vehicles and pedal cycles varied from modern day examples.  Despite many amendments over the years, some legislation is still in need of change.  Whenever a pedal cycle is sold, they have to meet British and European standards and the Pedal Bicycles Safety Regulations are also considered.  This helps to interpret law for bikes like this one and the electric support bikes you may see around.  As such this type of bike is deemed legal to sell and use.

After the witness then sent the legislation to the officer and the Local MP, PC 6926 has failed to respond.


UPDATE: 2/8/2016

Merseyside Police have unbelievably decided this is suitable for a Local Resolution….?


  1. They’ve always covered for friends and family. The police “service” is corrupt to the core, and nothing to do with justice. It’s just another money making machine for the government.

    • I could understand (but not saying that is right) a cop going the extra mile for family or friend, but NOT sacrificing an innocent lad who will now have a huge insurance hike and probably will get a Police record that will show on an enhanced CRB. Not to mention the cost of a driver awareness course!

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