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Joel Rodwell OTS News
Joel Rodwell OTS News

Joel Rodwell who is a malicious little man, continues to post my picture on his website simply because I reported him for Malicious content on his lame News website.

Joel Rodwell, keeps re-publishing a derogatory article on his OTS News website to make it appear on the front page.  This is done for the sole reason to cause alarm and distress to me, simply because I reported him for publishing malicious comments on his website calling me a paedophile.  Joel Rodwell published the malicious comments because I left a review on his website.

Joel Rodwell called my, an INNOCENT MAN,  a paedophile and published it on his OTS News website!  When questioned by Police, Joel, the coward from Southport, blamed it on his DEAD father.  Utter rubbish.

What a despicable little man Joel Rodwell is!  Now he keeps posting my picture on the front of his pathetic news website to cause further distress.  Due to this, I will keep this posted at the top of our website to ensure his readers are fully aware.

I am now in receipt of police notes that were sent to me in error. This includes interview notes of Joel Rodwell.  This will be made public soon.

I have presented this evidence to the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police as well as MP John Pugh how the Merseyside Police screwed up this investigation (100% factual based on the notes I received) and then covered it up.

I expect this will result in a further investigation and potential misconduct charges against some officers!


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