Merseyside police mistakenly release confidential notes of a police COVERUP

Yes, the title is true, Merseyside police mistakenly sent me an email with the investigation notes & interview notes as well as all police comments relating to an investigation of Malicious Communications by Joel Rodwell of OTS News that Merseyside police screwed up and then covered this up.  The notes contain 100% evidence how they not only investigation the wrong evidence, but when this was questioned, they REFUSED to review any new evidence.

The information that I received is so damning that it has been taken directly to the Chief Constable, Andy Cooke, and the Southport MP, John Pugh.

The content in the PDF document I received in error has now triggered multiple complaints against individual police officers for their  fabricated and malicious comments they put on the PNC (Police National Computer) stating that I have criminal convictions, which is utterly malicious and false.  I have NO convictions and NO cautions.  I have a totally clear enhanced CRB (DBS) that was received only this month (March 2017).

The notes will be released in due course.


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