Sergeant Eckersley of Lancashire police assaulted man and was not held to account. WHY!

During an unlawful arrest and detention, Sergeant Stephen Eckersley of Lancashire police physically assaulted Paul Ponting when he defended his right not to be stripped naked by him.

Eckersley, based out of Skelmersdale police station, was waiting in the custody suite after the malicious arrest had taken place.

Mr Ponting was brought before the custody Sergeant, (Sgt Sigley) who authored the detention (later deemed unlawful).

Sgt Sigley, Lancashire Police

Eckersley was one of three police constables who led him to a cell.

Eckersley went back to the custody desk and said to Sgt Sigley “Are we suiting him“, Sgt Sigley said (in a half-hearted sighing tone), “Yeah” before Eckersley shouts to his colleague ‘Ian, [were] suiting him‘.

‘Suiting him’ was a reference to stripping him naked and giving him a paper suit to wear.

Eckersley then put on his rubber gloves before returning to the cell where he discussed stripping Mr Ponting naked so he could hear.


Mr Ponting attempted to defend this assault.  The removal of his clothes was not a lawful order and was not with his permission.

This was done to cause Mr Ponting distress from the proposed assault on him.

During the attempt to evade the attack, Sgt Eckersley pinned Mr Ponting against the wall and put his hand tightly around his throat applying significant pressure for over 3 seconds, with the other cops pushing on him, increasing the force applied to Mr Ponting.


Not one single officer was held to account.

The order of the custody Sgt to suit Mr Ponting was not lawful, the force used was not lawful and yet Lancashire police did not investigate these crimes by their own officers.  They put themselves above the law.



  1. I know a Tory MP That has helped someone steal money through the Bounce Back Scheme assisted by the IOPC Lancashire Crime Commissioner and the Cheif Constable
    It will take me 30 seconds to show anyone contact me on 07734776840 to show you.

  2. That’s awful, absolutely disgusting abuse of power and a terrible assault on an innocent man. This makes me feel sick that these scum bags are still being paid by the tax payers and allowed near the public. Keep strong Mr Ponting these scum bags will get karma.

  3. What can you expect when we have a ‘corrupt’ government who’s sole aim is to surpress the general population. Police ‘gangs’ are protected until they find themselves in the sights of campaigning knowledgeable individuals who will use the law to hold them to account.

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