Staffordshire Police officer Andrew Stevens who sent ‘inappropriate images’ faces lifetime ban

A police officer has resigned after he sent inappropriate images of himself while on duty to a ‘third party’.

The actions of Andrew Stevens, aged 31, who worked for Staffordshire Police, were considered to be so serious they constituted ‘gross misconduct’.

A disciplinary hearing was held today, December 30, where it was heard Stevens would have been dismissed for his behaviour if he had not resigned.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said: “Andrew Stevens who worked as a response officer based in Burton, was investigated this year.

“The hearing, which was held today found that he had breached discreditable conduct standards by sending inappropriate images of himself in uniform, and whilst on duty, to a third party via a social media platform.

“His actions were assessed by the panel, chaired by Chief Constable Chris Noble, and considered to be so serious as to constitute gross misconduct.

Stevens resigned in May 2021, which took effect from June 16.

Deputy Chief Constable Emma Barnett said: “We expect the highest standards from our officers and the actions of Stevens fell far short of that expectation.

“Our residents and communities have the right to expect our officers to act professionally and with integrity at all times so that they can have confidence in the work that we do.

“Although regulations allow an officer to resign while under investigation for gross misconduct, the misconduct process still continued.

“He will now be placed on the national College of Policing’s barred list preventing him from working within policing and other law enforcement bodies.”

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