Superintendent Steve Quinn dismissed for Gross Misconduct

A Warwickshire Police officer has been dismissed for Gross Misconduct. (editor: he was previously under investigation for harassment of female officers)

Following a misconduct hearing chaired by independent legally qualified chair Mr Colin Phillips that ran over a number of sittings between the 16th March to the 3rd September, Superintendent Steve Quinn was dismissed with immediate effect.

The hearing found the behaviour of former Superintendent Steve Quinn fell below the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to honesty and integrity, discreditable conduct, and authority respect and courtesy. The Panel found four allegations of Gross Misconduct proved and three allegations amounting to Misconduct.

NB The independent, legally qualified chair has ruled that no further information can be released by Warwickshire Police in relation to this matter.  (editor: which goes against comments made by The Assistant Chief Constable for Warwickshire Police, Alex Franklin-Smith from 2019, see below)




Superintendent Steve Quinn was under investigation in March 2019 for harassment of female officers.

The Assistant Chief Constable for Warwickshire Police, Alex Franklin-Smith, said:

“As a result of information received by the force, relating to the conduct of Superintendent Steve Quinn  towards other colleagues, an investigation has commenced by the force’s Professional Standards Department.

“This has been referred to the Independent Office of Police Conduct and is currently a supervised investigation.

The force absolutely supports an open and transparent process and, if proven, does not tolerate any conduct or behaviour which fails to meet our high standards.




After a request to remove names from the thread below, we asked for the rationale and further details of the allegations made. The police have since withdrawn their request and refused to provide further details.

If you have information or allegations against alleged victims that can be supported by fact/evidence, then please let us know.  A new exclusive article is underway.



  1. Having worked for Steve Quinn I can honestly state the man was a misogynistic bully who was very tactical in his approach to the people he didn’t like or had opposed him. PSD did not want to listen to any complaints and when investigated their reply was well you know the truth and that’s all that matters. Martin McNevin knew what was happening and did nothing to stop his behaviour. PSD were well aware of Mr Quinn is way before these allegations came out. Everyone knew he liked his alcohol a bit too much and again nothing was ever said. He was protected by the men around him until he couldn’t be protected any longer and then he was left out to dry.

    I’m posting Anon not because I am afraid of the repercussions.

  2. nicola burley was or is not under investigation for having a relationship with one prisoner it’s for more than one,, she’s also under investigation for other offences,, it all seems to of gone a bit quiet on here for some reason

    • Darren:

      It’s all gone quiet because the loyal followers of McBrearty, Walker, Nailor and Burley who have all had their say in the below feeds have been fed lies by all of them and they are now scared of the truth based on various posts on this site. They have all lied to their families and friends. Walker’s very vocal supporters who quoted they were seeking legal address to get her job back have gone very quiet for some reason? Our guess is that she has lied to them?
      It’s interesting that when the site owners challenged Warwickshire Police about names they were quoting Warwickshire Police tried to bully them not to publish various details and facts but for some reason (maybe based on truth) Warwickshire Police u-turned and will not challenge them…interesting?!
      McBrearty lied but kept her job. I’ve seen the messages she sent and pictures to him, if her husband saw them he would say a very quick goodbye to her. She sent pictures of her children by Quinn’s office and then the next picture was by her husbands desk, we saw them, its all been buried internally our professional standards department ignored them. We asked for fairness but the man in charge ignored us and told us he had direction by a Chief officer to make QUINN go away.
      Walker lied about her meeting with Quinn that got him suspended and kept her job and then totally fucked up by using a disabled badge to park nearer to the Police Station and someone grassed her up….why someone would do that to her is a mystery?? Imagine if Quinn had kept photos of her next to her swimming pool when she was at her family Cyprus holiday home that she sent him whilst she was studying for her Sgts exam..another thing that our Professional Standards Department buried. Imagine if her husband had saw them? The story might change?
      Nailor is just a fraud, we all know it in our force, she has had a number of affairs yet no one will do anything about her, why? We all know why. Our Professional Standards Department ignored everything Quinn told us about her. How did she escape any misconduct investigation but the white girls had to face it, she did exactly the same and worse as she lied about everything, yet nothing is done about her.
      Burley is just a major story waiting to happen, but for some reason no one wants to get it out Publicly? We have been warned inside Warwickshire Police that if anyone leaks the details they will find us. Once again they are hiding the truth.
      We are also hiding the truth about Tania Coppola our head of HR, that’s another story that Warwickshire Police want to hide.

      • it’s all dodgy as fook,, corruption at its best,, over 3 years and not charged yet,and someone been recalled for something for 3 years that is a warning for 1st time , i know fact there is enough evidence for burley to be charged along with her associates that were involved,, apparently it’s nkw in the hands of cps

    • I told everyone on here about DS Paul Whitehurst and have you seen the news today? Everything I have said in this forum is the truth. Hope there is a separate page for him so we can see all the comments?
      Burley will and should be next.
      There should be a separate page for McBrearty and Walker, but there won’t as they have been protected so their families don’t know the truth.
      What Whitehurst has done is another level to what Quinn got punished for and the females involved who retained their jobs but not Mr Quinn, we all know Mr Quinn was a scapegoat.

  3. UPDATE– Warwickshire police asked for redactions/removals of names in this thread. We corresponded with the police asking for the specific names that needed to be removed and why. We also asked for further information on some allegations raised in the thread. Since this time, Warwickshire police have now withdrawn their request for names to be redacted or removed. We allow free speech, which the police fear. Anything brought to our attention will be reviewed on a per-request basis. Please remember, what you write is your own responsibility. We will not provide any personal details to authorities unless supported by a court order.

    • Brilliant, well done, why would Warwickshire Police not respond other than trying to hide the truth?
      They are trying to protect McBrearty and Walker who were both found guilty of Gross Misconduct, fact.
      They are also trying to hide the fact that DC Nicola Burley had a sexual relationship with a sex offender that she was actually managing, fact. They are trying to hide this, she had a sex dungeon in her house which she had him visit, a sex offender visiting a Police Officers address, who she was managing him what a story!
      In addition ask Warwickshire Police about their PSD yes Professional Standards DS Paul Whitehurst who had an affair and got caught out and tried to cover an assault with his wife and his lover…
      You have a major story here, keep on going…
      Just as another piece of information DI Ruby Nailor touched up a senior officer Ch Supt John Denley in a force tasking meeting…this was not investigated, fact.
      The fact they have not replied might just tell you something?
      And the attacks on Quinn have also disappeared…interesting?

      • Hopefully the truth about McBrearty and Walker and Burley and others!
        We are working with UKCP in order to highlight that fact that McBrearty and Walker both got found guilty of Gross Misconduct but their results were never published internally or externally and they never faced the public scrutiny or embarrassment that the Supt had to endure, lets face it they did exactly the same and they were found guilty ! In addition this is about the truth so all that have commented in support of Walker in particular as McBrearty seems to have been ignored know that McBrearty and Walker were far from innocent parties in this, fact.
        We are also looking to get the facts out about others like Burley and Ruby Nailor and Paul Whitehurst etc etc…
        UKCP are understanding and all they seek is facts and truth. If you have info Darren give it to them as it will support what we are telling them.
        We are going to give them the facts and evidence and pictures/gifs so they can publish articles about McBrearty and Walker, in addition we will give them facts about Ruby Nailor who Warwickshire Police would not tackle and we all know why but its time for the truth. We will not lie we will not make things up we will tell the truth its going to be uncomfortable for some who have escaped public exposure that Quinn has had to face. Let’s just ask ourselves why did Warwickshire Police hide the GUILTY findings of McBrearty and Walker internally and externally?

        • I totally agree with this comment. UKCP will be publishing a further article to show the truth. It appears that the police have been less than open and transparent, and our website will publish facts as and when they come to light. We have some information already and are awaiting further information. This information will then be released in the public interest.

  4. There appears to be a few individuals who are supporting Quinn and a few more who are supporting the women/victims, with each camp having a very different view on exactly what happened. I also know for a fact that some of the comments are just not true and appear to be trying to make Quinn out to be nothing more than a man who had women falling at his feet. If that was the case he wouldn’t have needed to have done the things he’s done. It’s also clear that a lot of these are either serving officers or have left the force and a good example of the ‘boys club’ culture that did/does exist…they should all know better.

    Many have assumed that these women were all willing parties to the activity/incidents that took place with Quinn. Again, surely police officers should know that things are often not as straightforward as they first seem and to take a blanket view on something so complex is a little misguided or naive at best. I am sure some, but certainly not all the women involved enjoyed the attention and went along with it willingly, but I know for a fact that some certainly did not.

    It’s already been stated that the terms ‘groomed’ and ‘exploited’ were used to describe what happened and that Quinn had a ‘pattern’ to how he approached these women and to get them in to a position where he could ‘strike’. Someone previously mentioned that these women knew exactly what they were doing and we’re capable of protecting themselves. Again, this is an opinion rather than a fact.

    [**redacted** unsubstantiated allegation]

    His investigation was carried out by PSD investigators purely from a ‘should you have been doing this at work’ point of view. If a member of the public suffers such horrific events and the police become aware they investigate with an open mind utilising specially trained officers. Unfortunately, this was never the case with Quinn. Speak to a genuine (of which there are many) and specially trained officer and they will confirm this. The approach and conversation would be so much different, offering the victim protection and ensuring the correct outcome.

    When a woman suffers a sexual assault they do one of three things – fight, flight or freeze. Freezing isn’t consent. Not knowing how to cope isn’t consent. Not knowing what to do or where to turn under such horrific circumstances isn’t consent.

    Many women, particularly with police experience will tell you that the process they would have to go through if they reported these incidents as crimes (assault **redacted**) is horrific and like reliving everything all over again. They are made to feel cheap and dirty and often it’s one person’s word against another. It’s no wonder we have ended up where we have in this instance.

    This whole situation has been dragged out for way too long. Many women who were involved, along with their families are suffering. I’m sure even Quinn’s family want closure on all of this for obvious reasons. This needs to end.

    I’m sure I speak for many when I say this.

    Warwickshire Police should revisit the cases against the women involved and reinvestigate using appropriately trained (and independent) staff as some of these women deserve closure and justice. I’m sure many won’t want to press charges as, as mentioned, the experience would he horrific. But at least they could get justice and closure.

    I also think that this website should seriously consider removing this article and thread. People’s health will be suffering and I’m sure the owner of this site does not want blood on his hands.

      • Is that the best reply you have?

        Many peoples lives have been and will be ruined due to that man’s actions. Some of these women are at breaking point, even after all this time.

        I applaud your work in highlighting the significant a serious issues that exist within our police forces, but these victims need more than just words.

        So many people have tried to defend Quinn’s actions and play it down but at the expense of his victims.

        And is your WTF in response to what’s been said and the blood on your hands comment or the request to remove this thread?! Poor response given your trying to highlight the issues that exist. How would you feel if one of these women took their own lives? It’s that serious.

        Like I say, like you I want this highlighting and the woman that are genuine victims getting the justice they deserve. But if that hasn’t happened by now then it probably never will…so if removing this thread provides some comfort then that’s something.

        We’re on the same team so let’s not fall out.

        Like you all I want is justice and these bad people to be punished appropriately.

      • UKCP If you contact Warwickshire Police and ask them for the details of Jacquie McBrearty and Aimee Walkers Gross Misconduct details then hopefully you can create an article as the public need to see it, they both were found guilty of Gross Misconduct for their actions (but kept their jobs) and their respective results of their hearings were never disclosed internally or externally which in itself one might suggest is corrupt yet they published Quinns results straight away internally and externally.
        Why would Warwickshire Police not want to publish Gross Misconduct findings about two females but published them about Quinn?
        The public and others on here need to know the facts….

        • You ask me to ask Warwickshire police to disclose info from a non-disclosed hearing in the expectation they will tell me? If you know anything about it, then let me know, that is what this website is about, exposing corruption, but I hardly expect Warwickshire police will just hand the info over. If you have the facts, tell me, if you don’t have the facts, then I can only get they are assumptions rather than facts. I am not being funny, but far to many people suggest there are things they know but don’t reveal.

          • McBrearty and Walker both faced Gross Misconduct hearings and were found guilty, fact. What more do you need?

    • We wonder why ANON is not putting his/her name to their post?
      Show some courage and reveal your name or are you scared that Quinn and his family will go for you legally as he could in the fact you have called him a rapist and guilty which to be honest is outrageous! He never faced any criminal investigation from the outset, fact. If I was him and if he saw this I’d go full out to challenge your comments that his family might see but clearly ANON is a brave keyboard warrior who thinks they know the facts?
      ANON then talks about all this ending for all involved but then makes comments about a reinvestigation? They even allude to Quinns family needing closure but they want to continue with their attack on him ergo his family?
      If you really have the facts as you state time and time again present them…to Warwickshire Police?
      Quinn was the only one here who lost his job and career, the other two females (McBrearty and Walker) who also faced Gross Misconduct proceedings and who were also found guilty kept their jobs and careers, is that fair, that’s a matter of opinion. I know personally that Quinn told the truth (admitting his moral wrongdoings) in interviews over four days and Warwickshire Police looked at his emails over eight years but found nothing of any racist, sexual nature…
      Clearly ANON knows the facts so let’s hear it?
      Let’s also not forget other females did the same thing with consent as McBrearty and Walker did who faced no misconduct investigation, but we guess ANON has facts why this did not happen…let’s start with Ruby Nailor…

      • For the record I’m a different ANON – I don’t feel the need or see how me quoting my name will change things.

        But Kev, Kev, Kev…or it it Kevin. It’s clear that as well as being a bent corrupt copper yourself you are also not the brightest star in the sky as ‘Kev’ isn’t exactly sharing who you are! So do you have the balls to reveal yourself? You don’t need to answer that as you know you can’t as you would immediately be exposed for wrong-doing in disclosing private and sensitive information, some of which is true and some of which is opinion or made up rubbish.

        And you are correct that Quinn (or perhaps you are Quinn in disguise?) never faced criminal investigation – what a shame he didn’t. That in itself should be reinvestigated.

        And you know personally that Quinn told the truth? How exactly? Either you are Quinn, an associate or very gullible! But you are obviously very close to him or have a vested interest in protecting his name by trying to drag others down.

        I’m not sure what’s being achieved here? This article was about Quinn and his wrong-doings, not about the women involved. I’m pretty sure that Quinn was founded guilty on many counts of misconduct and gross misconduct so which ever way you look at it he’s no angel and certainly wasn’t a good police officer. Head of Safeguarding, more like head of arrogance and a pervert!

        And if you know so much/more then why don’t you spill the beans? Feels like another witch hunt to protect Quinn and like you say ‘others’ who continue to conduct themselves in a similar manner.

        • It’s 100% clear that ANON is in fact on a Witch Hunt against Quinn, maybe they are involved or they have a partner involved who might have lied to them? It’s clear that he/she have hatred against him? How does ANON know what is true, opinion based or made up rubbish? They must be involved or have knowledge about the investigation?
          The article is about Quinn and his wrongdoing BUT we all know within Warwickshire Police that intrinsically linked to this article and investigation are the two females McBrearty and Walker who both got found guilty of Gross Misconduct in relation to their actions with Quinn (as did Quinn).
          This website is about Police Officers male and female (we believe) who have done wrong, yet the focus here is on Quinn despite the fact that McBrearty and Walker where found guilty of Gross Misconduct (FACT) why has this site not published the same articles about McBrearty and Walker who did the same as Quinn? One of them is still a serving Police Officer the other got sacked for using a disabled badge when she had no disability, fact, hardly an Angel? Just our opinion! Surely the Public would be also interested in female officers being found guilty of misconduct involving sexual misconduct? It’s a public story.
          As ANON states Quinn was and is no Angel but we all know that McBrearty and Walker weren’t.
          Interestingly ANON is not sure what is being achieved here but he/she is happy to attack Quinn continually, Quinn was ultimately dismissed for failing to tick a box on his vetting form (fact).
          ANON appears to know many facts maybe he/she is still embedded in Warwickshire Police or has a serious axe to grind with Quinn? ANON challenges Kev, Kevin, me to reveal who I am but won’t reveal themselves?
          This website has allowed comments from ANON with no basis calling Quinn a Rapist yet he was never investigated or charged for any criminal offence, that is libel,fact. Yet the website talks about not being a forum for a Witch-hunt? I know Quinn is seeking legal advice reference this post and comment and the website.
          It’s easy to type shite without any comeback…
          I am not Quinn as he would have responded within a minute to the post but I do know him, he has facts and evidence about McBrearty (and others) for example which could and would destroy her and her family but he has decided not to go down that road.
          Quinn was foolish and stupid and quite rightly held to account for his actions but lets not try and diminish the willingness of the females involved, I have personally seen the evidence he has on his phone…
          It makes us all laugh Police Officers are human they have sex with each other, rank or no rank….it will continue but for some reason Warwickshire Police made this all a massive issue and yet we all know that currently in our force there are lots of affairs going on with high ranking officers.
          Investigate them like you did with Quinn, McBrearty and Walker and others who lied to get themselves out of it. We all know in Warwickshire Police we can’t trust a female Indian female Officer of rank who we will not name.

          • You say “why has this site not published the same articles about McBrearty and Walker who did the same as Quinn?“, because I do not know anything about the two you mentioned. MAybe if you provided some information, I could create an article. Stop whining about the site, if you have evidence to share then share it and it will be published (if it is verifiable).

    • McBrearty sent sexual gifs booked hotels for them to meet took wine and glasses for conferences and dressed up for Quinn…also arranged coffee hook ups (her words not his) she even sent pictures of her children outside his office…fact. She sent pictures of bottles of wine to share etc etc her choice not his. She even sat outside his gym on his rest days waiting for him, fact.
      Nailor met him after work for sexual activity and also met him at a hotel but failed to tell PSD….she invited him to meet when her husband was working away in France, Quinn said no!
      Walker met him many times after work…she even purchased Agent Provocateur underwear for him, he still has the text messages…

      And of course it’s all his fault…!

      You have no idea of that facts…

  5. Just stumbled across this thread. Let me tell you with certainty these three knew exactly what they were doing, there was no abuse of rank it was all consensual sexual activity. I know all involved, McBrearty attempted to water her involvement down she invited Quinn to conferences he did not attend she took wine to their meetings trying to impress him she sent salacious pictures to him all done of her own accord. It is laughable to suggest she was a victim, she still walks round work now as Miss Innocent because no one knows what her gross misconduct findings were but some of us do. Walker was also a willing party to all of this, booking hotels etc Quinn should have known better but he was only doing what other senior male officers were and are still doing. What they did was morally wrong but its still going on in Warwickshire Police and even in PSD (who investigated this lot) where lots of affairs have been ignored and covered up. The story you should be looking at are people like DC Nicki Burley who was having an affair with a registered sex offender when she was managing him, yet all this is swept under the carpet for some unknown reason? There is lots more a number of us could tell you about Warwickshire Police.

      • You need to publish the facts of McBrearty and Walkers case firstly, their Gross Misconduct findings were hidden by Warwickshire Police that is corrupt in itself. Once you have done this we will be more than willing to give you lots of information that demonstrates Warwickshire Police hide things and are selective in looking at certain officers and staff who are all doing the same as these three were. Ask them about DI [redacted R** N**] as mentioned in a previous submission and ask them about DC [redacted N** B**]. Your headlines about Quinn are inherently wrong and lots of us know it, these females were treated totally differently.

        • I offered you a voice to out corruption, but you responded with a demand that I publish material I do not have. Never mind, the offer is still there.

        • if nikkie burley don’t get charged with anything then it’s more corrupt than i ever thought it could be,, i know more than i should prob

          • ukcp i can not really disclose what i know as the case is not concluded,, but when it is rest assured it will be uploaded, there is documented evidence and enough evidence for some charges against a couple of officers , if they get of with it the story will be published along with facts !

    • Has the burley case been brushed under the carpet ? i thought it was still on going as there was a very large can of worms opened,,she’s made complaints about a few ex partners a fire man,, her ex husband who i thought was under investigation as well about her latest affair with a prisoner,, there’s lots that goes on in there she can drag a lot of people down is prob why they backed

  6. I have just discovered this thread, it’s hilarious! All the officers involved knew exactly what they were doing, they were adults having consensual sex. McBrearty was trying to get Quinn to conferences and taking wine for wine tasting, she played her part down and turned on Quinn, she is no innocent here although she currently walks around work pretending to be so based on the fact here Gross misconduct result was never published anywhere. Walker was proactive and knew exactly what she was doing, we all saw it at work. Rest assured there are lots of current police Officers of all ranks and staff having affairs like these lot did so therefore why are they being allowed to do what these three did without the same scrutiny? Worst of all Warwickshire Police are covering up PSD officers and staff who are doing exactly what was investigated here, that should be the story or focus on the likes of DC Nicola Burley who whilst a serving officer was having a sexual relationship with a sex offender that she was managing in the community. This fact has been hidden and covered up by Warwickshire Police and its wrong.

  7. I experienced horrific safeguarding practice from Warwickshire police. I complained to the force as I was concerned that it would contribute to a death in the future. They covered up their failings and have subjected me to abuse ever since. There are issues within PSD at Warwickshire police they have no idea how to approach vulnerability and abuse it rather than support people

  8. These weren’t young or junior female officers, maybe a lesser rank than Quinn but certainly experienced, wise officers very capable of protecting themselves, assessing risk and making informed decisions. They went in to these sexual relationships with him with the foreknowledge of exactly what they were doing and made those free choices for themselves. They weren’t victims!? Evidenced by the misconduct hearings findings of gross misconduct against Jacqueline McBrearty and Aimee Walker for which they kept their jobs but details were not made public! Both women are great police officers for whom deserve a lot of respect (AW now ex officer). He was also a fantastic officer made an example of because he is male and senior to them in rank by the ever growing “Women of Warwickshire” cause!.

  9. The Warwickshire Safeguarding team are a total contradiction of terms. DI Anthony Hibbert was in possession of evidence showing that I had been glassed by my ex partner and that she had previously twice made false allegations of assault against me. DI Hibbert chose to bury this evidence from all partner agencies and carry on with a MARAC regarding myself in which he knew the Prima Facia allegations against me were false. As a MARAC is held in secret I was never meant to find out about this but obviously I have. As a result of DI Hibbert withholding evidence I have been stopped from seeing my son. This is without doubt Perverting the course of justice. The Warwickshire PSD even covered up his failure to share evidence by saying, “He put it in a draw and would have showed it anyone who asked for it.” I trusted him and expected him to share this with the relevant authorities. Guess who was his partner? The disgraced Steve Quinn. Warwickshire Police are rotten to core

  10. Reading the comments by Anon above, its clear that they have taken a very naïve stance in respect of the behaviour of Aimee Walker and many like her. I don’t think John Doe or Martin Cook are being vindictive at all. One of the main reasons that Public Confidence in the Police is at an all time low is because they are generally not trusted to do their jobs properly. Putting the actions of those named above to one side it is the level of incompetence across the board that is deeply disturbing in itself. Sadly people like Anon do not realise the damage done to Public trust by many Officers actions.

  11. I can confirm the information supplied by John Doe. At least two of those named were known to me. One Aimee Walker was in my opinion inherently dishonest. She was fortunate to secure a hearing in private in relation to her own wrongdoing and given the benefit of the doubt after a guilty finding. Then went on to fraudulently use another disabled sign to secure restricted parking. Outrageous behaviour from one who was as I recall very self righteous.

  12. You are correct in your assessment that Warwickshire Police does have a problem – but unfortunately the problem is people such as those individuals who have responded to this article, in particular John Doe.

    It’s obvious that John Doe has access to sensitive information, and although what is stated isn’t factually correct, it’s clear that John Doe either works for Professional Standards or is a senior officer within Warwickshire Police…speaks volumes (as do the other responses).

    Isn’t it also interesting that all of John Doe’s ‘observations’ involve woman with a link to senior male officers? Obviously the men at Warkwickshire are perfect…

    Steve Quinn used his position of authority, trust and power to target and pray on younger, junior female officers for his own gratification and power trip.

    Interestingly The Sun newspaper ran an article on his conduct back in March 2019, and Warkwickshire Police responded with a statement that said that they would support ‘an open and transparent’ investigation. So with the in mind why were no details released when they announced (as quietly as possible) his departure from the force in September 2020?

    And the real interesting part of this entire situation for the women involved is how they were treated and ‘hung out to dry’ by Warkwickshire Police. They were the victims of Quinn’s actions but instead of being supported and treated like victims the force treated them no different to Quinn as if they were the bad people. This was done purely to protect Quinn and the forces reputation.

    My guess would be that with the current political climate that a lot of senior male officers at Warwickshire Police (and other forces) are looking over their shoulders nervously…

    • It’s known within the force that the terms ‘groomed’ and ‘exploited’ were used to describe Quinn’s actions and crimes. It was also stated that there was a ‘pattern’ to his behaviour and how he went about luring his next victim. This man was Head of safeguarding for the entire force. If a woman couldn’t trust him who could she trust? This is the man that was trusted to stamp out such behaviour, not commit it. And if the force couldn’t protect their own, the victims of these crimes, how on earth are we supposed to trust them to protect the communities they serve?

      This may indicate why the force choose not to publish details as this would certainly have a significant impact on the organisation. I’d also argue that this would have a huge impact on his victims – but I doubt that was front of mind for the force.

      Ultimately this was dealt with internally, just a shame it wasn’t approached from a criminal perspective as the outcome may have been so much different. Quinn abused and assaulted younger, junior female officers for his own sexual needs, end of.

      I really hope that this entire situation is revisited and independently investigated, putting his victims at the heart of the investigation. If this was an external investigation that’s exactly what they would do, support and protect the victim, not use them as scapegoats to protect themselves and the officers involved.

      What is done is done and the past can’t be changed, but his victims deserve justice and closure. Let’s hope and pray they get it.

  13. Absolute scandalous that Steve Quinn has been dismissed; nothing more than a political witch hunt. Remember: What goes around,comes around!

  14. Ask Warwickshire Police about DI Jacqueline McBrearty and her gross misconduct finding which they have covered up (but she kept her job) she lied and claimed expenses also ask about T/DS Walker and her gross misconduct (which they have covered up)finding but once again kept her job until she used a blue badge (not belonging to her) to park outside the Police Station in Leamington, also ask Warwickshire Police about ex DC Nicola Burley who formed a sexual relationship with a sex offender she was managing and her line managers namely DI Ruby Nailor was aware of…she is now under Investigation for that. In addition it is known DI Nailor rubbed a seniir officers leg a number of times under a table in a force meeting, but nothing is being done which has left the majority of our force in disbelief. Warwickshire Police have a problem but have made a good Superintendent a scapegoat even though he did wrong.

    • John Doe seems to know a lot about this and he is right in what he’s saying,,so is definitely a police or ex officer

      • Im not really sure why Martin Cooke or John Doe have such an vindictive agenda against these women and Aimee Walker in particular? Perhaps it aids the cover up that exists within Warwickshire Police and the actions of senior officers within the force.

        I too worked with Aimee Walker and have nothing but praise for her as an officer and a genuinely nice person. She spent many years working in child protection, one of the toughest departments. It’s a shame we lost her and that there are not more like her about.

        Isn’t it a shame she can’t defend herself?

        I know what really happened to her and it’s tragic. Her only wrongdoing was allowing Steve Quinn to mentor her – in reality he’d identified her as his next victim. She trusted him but he abused that trust and used it against her. But the force covered up his actions anyway they could.

        You state she was ‘self righteous’ – this couldn’t have been further from the truth. Perhaps if she had of been tougher none of this would have happened.

        She ended up at breaking point, and I’m sure would admit herself that she wasn’t rational in her thinking. The parking thing just made it easier to get to work and out again as quickly as possible. That police station filled her with dread and horrific memories to the extent that she nearly took her own life.

        I could go on, and I probably shouldn’t be saying any of this – but Aimee does not deserve any of this.

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