1. Your well put video of the corrupt police officer who head butted a civilian is no surprise to me as I have been fighting corruption of many officers and conspiracy by the cps for 30 years and I have not long finished my second prison term. I have all the evidence to prove my innocence and have written a book called TYRANNY my fight for justice that i cant get released.I can easily prove the conspiracy used by both police and cps yet like in your video the cps, police, and all the agencies affiliated with the law always turn a blind eye. I have took my last conviction to appeal to which the appeal judges would not entertain the clear cut evidence of corruption I have against the cps and police. I have written to many journalists without as much as a reply despite the evidence I have being clear cut. I think this pandemic has taken all their time. NOT. When I was convicted in 2017 it was for a totally different offence than the one I was indicted for. I served 18 months inside and I’m still on probation now. My new solicitor informed me that he could take it back to trial and easily prove it was a miscarriage but i would not get legal aid and so he set a fee for brtween 5k and 10k to wjich i can not afford. Im buggered basically. So yes i know all about police,cps and all other agencies affiliated with law are corrupt as Hell but what can i do as i have exhausted every avenue possible.

  2. I wish you every success on this .Having complained twice over the years regarding two corrupt police in Hampshire – I totally understand the uphill struggle . The Professional Standards office should be re-named …The Professional Cover Up Office – for that is all they do !
    People – Read the 2015 article by the SPECTATOR on police corruption .It is 7 pages of FACTS . In it they state, ‘ the police are in danger of becoming ROTTEN’ , their words NOT MINE . That in my view is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT . Sadly even our MP’s show NO INTEREST in doing anything about it , which is a disgrace .
    In the last 20 years there have been tween 450 and 600 premature deaths at our local WAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL – LARGELY CAUSED THROUGH A DOCTOR prescribing unnescessary drugs to basically, recovering patients. TWO DECADES LATER AND THREE POLICE INVESTIGATIONS -AND NOTHING. The police failed I believe as they didn’t want to show the ineptitude/incompetence/ cover ups by their collegues in Hampshire .The police are clearly not fit for purpose , corruption is RIFE …..ANY WONDER THE GANGSTERS CALL THEM ….THE FILTH !!!

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