Who the fuck is George Vella of Bedfordshire – He is obsessed with paedophilla

George Vella is a twisted old man who lives in Churchfield Avenue, Bedfordshire.

One of the commenters on this article has said that George Vella “lives in a ground floor flat in Churchfield Road and his back fence is next to a lower school and he used to let his dog out to encourage the children over to play with the dog.”

Google maps shows that the school referenced is Tithe Farm Primary School and Nursery

George Vella has supported and assisted in the ongoing attacks of an innocent man, labelling the innocent man a paedophile.

George Vella is supporting attacks on a young girl, targeting her with fake porn photos.

George Vella is best friends with Neil Wilkes.  Neil Wilkes was purported to have gotten a minor pregnant, this was via Neil Wilkes’s own wife, Marie Wilkes.

George Vella has been found to be in communication with Gary Enticknap.  Enticknap was convicted for targetting and labelling an innocent man a paedophile.  Enticknap was convicted and imprisoned for 4 months.

On release, Enticknap breached his restraining order that was put in place to protect his victim, he was arrested and convicted again. The evidence showed he had again been in contact with George Vella.  Why would George Vella contact a convicted criminal who is a convicted pimp and obsessed with paedophilia?

George Vella is now in cahoots with Kyoji Mochizuki. Mochizuki is a cybercriminal and is alleged to have raped his 15-year-old partner when Mochizuki was 20 years old.  Sussex police know about this and did nothing about it.


Mochizuki has been accused of sexually abusing his own (half) brother.  His brother has said that Mochizuki is a paedophile.



George Vella is liking posts that have been created by Mochizuki (aka Taz Ryder).  The posts by Mochizuki are attacking the same innocent man.

George Vella is also sharing a malicious website that has been created by Mochizuki.  The posts by Mochizuki are attacking the same innocent man.

Mochizuki has now crossed a further line, making malicious incest allegations against the same innocent man, and yet, George Vella still shares a post to Mochizuki’s vile website.

George Vella created a malicious website targetting the same innocent man, maliciously labelling him a paedophile.

George Vella is linked to Darren Hogan, Hogan was convicted for attacks on the same innocent man.

Hogan has again begun abusive posts of the same innocent man on George Vella’s Facebook page even after Hogan’s criminal conviction and a restraining order.

George Vella is enticing groups of people to target the innocent man.  This includes a man named Jimmy Harrison of Scott Estate in Ormskirk. Jimmy Harrison’s son (Dane Harrison) was convicted for attacking the same innocent man.

George Vella is in communication with or attempting to get in communication with Paul Turner.  Paul Turner is, or was, a Lancashire police informant.  Paul Turner was the source of the malicious paedophile allegations.

The significant factors here are

The innocent man has no criminal convictions or cautions.  All of the above attackers have criminal convictions.

The innocent man has never been accused of any of the above sickening things, they are all in the minds of the above filthy men who seem obsessed with paedophilia, it begs the question of why these men are obsessed with paedophilia.

George Vella has been in private communication with District Judge Healey of the Northern Circuit Magistrates Courts in relation to a public hearing.

District Judge Healey confirmed that the material published by George Vella is to a criminal standard, but, District Judge Paul Healey refused to see a prosecution against George Vella.

Why would a District Judge be protective of a man obsessed with false paedophilia allegations?

Does anyone know who George Vella really is?

George Vella is embroiled in paedophilia, he seems obsessed with anyone making these malicious allegations which he definitely enjoys participating in.  George Vella encourages and entices attacks against innocent people.


…oh, I should mention, George Vella claims he is a victim.

Good luck with whatever legal action you think you are taking, remember your ‘duty of candour’ and let the court know your High Court cost order you have not paid.




  1. Serial benefit cheat and claims under different names some being dead people. The Neighbours where he lives must be told for the children’s safety. Been in and out of prison his whole life.

  2. I just thought you may want to know that as George Vella is linking you with peados, he actually lives in a ground floor flat in Churchfield Road and his back fence is next to a lower school and he used to let his dog out to encourage the children over to play with the dog.
    Also you may find it interesting that he is an alcoholic who spent numerous times in mental institutions in Bedfordshire, he also has claimed benefits for years while working as a reporter for the Irish Sunday Mirror under the name Paul Davis earning on average £1000 per month

    • Lowest of the low to call an innocent man a paedophile. But they know no better because that’s their level. Time for them to get on with their own lives and stop persecuting one man. Paedophile’s are scum! Creepy hearing this about Vella at a school! I wouldn’t let my kids near his flat! Single, old man and his dog! Are the school aware?

  3. All have criminal convictions, half of them have several alias names (obviously not happy with who they really are – who would be?). They’re narcissists who spout dangerous lies about people. About time they were all sent down! Escaped prison for far too long.

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