Who the FUCK is Rose Horan – in cahoots with Kyoji Mochizuki

Rose Horan is a POS.  She is a sick-in-the-head woman who works for CID in Sussex police.  She turned a blind eye to a victim of vitriolic abuse, blaming the victim for the attacks against him and his family.

Rose Horan knew that Kyoji Mochizuki is a serial stalker, a convicted cybercriminal and an alleged paedophile.

Kyoji Mochizuki sent the most sickening explicit illegal images to his victim, some appear to be the sexual assault of children, but, Rose Horan,  told Kyoji Mochizuki that he will not be getting investigated.  WHAT THE FUCK!  This is all because a recording of Rose Horan was published on youtube, she spat her dummy and now the victims and their children are under attack.

Now Kyoji Mochizuki is attacking our children and threatening them with further attacks.

Rose Horan, is a despicable evil woman and should be sacked.  She is worse than Kyoji Mochizuki because she allowed him to continue and therefore, is responsible.


This is what Kyoji Mochizuki wrote;

“Your Daughter will look like a slapper on the internet in a FEW Years… “




I will pay anyone a large sum of money to stop Kyoji Mochizuki, whatever it takes.

Please send me an address of where this sick cunt is

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