Bedfordshire police becoming desperate to protect the Chief Constable, Garry Forsythe

Evidence has been provided to the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) that support allegations that the Chief Constable, Garry Forsyth has committed Misconduct in Public Office contrary to Common Law.

The PCC refused to accept that the offence was committed by the Chief and has tried to lay blame on ‘Bedfordshire Police’ in general rather than Mr Forsythe.

Bedfordshire police made an illegal decision not to record and investigate a crime.  They refused to change their decision, so I made an application to the High Court for a Judicial Review of that decision.

The defendant to the Judicial Review (JR) was the Chief Constable (Garry Forsyth), he was responsible for the illegal decision as it was made under his delegation, so the JR was brought against him.

Rather than see sense, Garry Forsythe, against all the available evidence, used public money, to defend the unlawful decision.

This cost the taxpayer around £20,000 and after trying to call my bluff (and failing) Garry Forsythe conceded to the JR without taking the matter to trial.

This shows that Garry Forsythe knew that his defence was futile otherwise he would have pursued it to trial, especially after recklessly using taxpayers’ money.

He intended to use his weight (no pun intended) to bully me by recklessly using public money to try to get me to back off.

My instruction of a very well respected barrister made him realise that I intended to pursue the challenge to trial and he would have known that he had little chance of success.  This is a clear abuse of public money.

I made a complaint against him and now everyone involved is defending Mr Forsythe.   He is the officeholder, he makes the decision either directly or by delegation.  Any decision made by the delegation is his responsibility.

So far, the PCC and PSD are vehemently defending the complaint recording.  Saying it is against Bedfordshire Police, and not Garry Forsyth, the Chief Constable.

Katie Beaumont OPCC

I have provided legal arguments on how Garry Forsythe is legally the subject of the complaint, yet Bedfordshire PSD and the PCC are all instead relying on the ‘opinion’ of a Ms Katie Beaumont of the OPCC office who we understand has no legal training but is seemingly challenging the Police Reform Act and case law.


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  1. Certain numbers of officers are involved, each should be held accountable. Mr Forsyth didn’t follow conduct regulations with myself whilst going through a traumatic time and told someone to reply on his behalf. He “doesn’t get involved” in complaints BUT he allowed his officers to cause injustice, neglect and discriminate. Transparency and accountability HOW??? Own your mistakes and move on, you’ll be respected for that more than covering up. And as for Katie Beaumont…she condones the officers to allow more incidents causing more harm AND said they just need to be educated more!!!

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