IOPC soon to make a decision whether a Lancashire Police Informant will face the Courts for Perjury

paul turner police informer

A Lancashire police informant from Skelmersdale named Paul Turner who committed Perjury in a UK Magistrates Courts by trying to frame an innocent man may soon face the courts himself after a 6 year battle with Lancashire police.

The act of perjury related to Paul Turner;

  1. denying being a police informant
  2. denying every say he was a police informant (a police recording confirms this lie!)
  3. telling anyone he was a police informant


Evidence was presented at the trial in which Paul Turner was a witness for Lancashire police, proving Turner was lying.  The lies were material to the proceedings.

After the trial, the perjury was reported to the police, as the police are the correct organisation to report the crime to… or so you would think.

Lancashire police failed to record the crime and refused to investigate.  This has now gone on for over 6 years.

A couple of years ago, a private prosecution application was made.  the District Judge (DJ McGarva) commented that the offence of perjury was prima facie evident, this means, the Judge agrees an offence seems to have happened, but, in a strange turn of events, the (suspected Masonic) District Judge rejected the summons, saying he thought the application was vexatious!

We have it on good authority that the Judge contacted Lancashire police who will have disclosed the defendant was a police informant and may be the reason the Judge was swayed to reject the application, putting the criminal actions of the police ABOVE THE LAW

In any event, the comments by the District Judge was enough to resubmit the crime to Lancashire police, after all, they have comments from a District Judge that an offence had been committed, still, Lancashire police refused to investigate, this time stating it was not in the public interest. There has never been a case where perjury is NOT in the public interest.

What Lancashire police are saying, quite clearly is, this is NOT IN THE INTEREST OF LANCASHIRE POLICE.

So, here we are, the decision is now with the IOPC.  Obviously, the IOPC will try to cover this up, if they do, they will face the High Court for a  Judicial Review.

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