Chief Superintendent Jayne Meir of West Mids police refuses to record a crime

Chief Superintendent Jayne Meir is a senior officer in West Midlands Police Force.

West Midlands police reportWest Midlands Police Force is one of only four UK forces that have recently been rated inadequate for crime recording failures by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services.  Read the full damning report here

A recent crime reported to West Midlands police has been refused to be recorded by Chief Superintendent Jayne Meir.  Since this article, Jayne Meir has again refused to record a crime against the same offender.

The crime relates to a recently convicted criminal (Darren Hogan) who was given a restraining order but breached it within 20 minutes of leaving Walsall Magistrates court.

Hogan left Walsall Magistrates Court after receiving a criminal sentence.  The witnesses in the case who were under witness care, waited at the court for around 20 minutes to ensure that the offender, Hogan had left the area before they then left via the ‘witness only‘ side entrance.

The victims were unaware though that Hogan was waiting for them.

As the victims got to their car, they noticed someone frantically waving at them.  They realised that it was Hogan who was waving and laughing at them while recording them.

When the witnesses saw this, one of them turned his camera on and pointed it at Hogan to record the incident.  The witness walked to Hogan and asked him why he was waving at them.  Hogan sat in his car, smirking and recording the witness.

This incident was reported to police yet, Chief Superintendent Jayne Meir refused to investigate, saying that Hogan and the witness were recording each other!  So by this bizarre reasoning, it appears that if a witness records an offender committing an offence this justifies the offence!

What Chief Superintendent Jayne Meir failed to do was record the crime and look at the evidence that the witnesses have.

She has simply refused to record and investigate a crime!

There is no surprise that West Midlands got such a poor report by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary who said that West Midlands Police force was inadequate.  It would appear, that Supt Jayne Meir herself is therefore inadequate at her job and part of the problem.

This is a simple crime, with basic evidence that would satisfy any court in the land.  Why are the police appearing to protect him?

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  1. This is nothing new, it has gone on here in Plymouth for 17 years that I know of and is common knowledge, I have even had police officers say to me:-

    “If you say the previous incident you reported about your mrs next door didn’t happen, we will report this one”,
    even though I had cctv of all of the crimes I reported which I gave to the police, so what was behind this?

    The police only do what they want to do and if you report them to any authority, as I have, they refuse to take any action against mr & mrs next doors crimes and assaults against you.

    The police make it all very personal and let your assailants do anything they want to you and your property with impunity and there is nothing you can do.

    The more you complain the worse it gets for you.

    The police of any rank let others do their dirty work for them with indifference.

    The police are not Gods, nor are they always right either, many of them are just spiteful morons in a uniform exercising their own deep-seated power fetish to control and harm.

    Their Oath means nothing to them, it only gives them the power they have, to cover up their corruption as I have experienced many times by officers who I previously thought were good ones, they know who they are.

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