Merseyside Police breach personal data – ICO ruling

The ICO have just ruled that Merseyside police are in breach of the data protection act.

A crime was reported to Merseyside police, the crime was that of Malicious Communications by the ‘vile’ and cowardly owner, Joel Rodwell of the despised OTS News in Southport.

During the police investigation, Merseyside Police intentionally wrote derogatory information about the victim allegedly to ‘hinder’ the investigation.  Merseyside police wrote on the PNC that the victim had ‘criminal convictions‘ which is 100% false yet, in the same sentence stated that Joel Rodwell was not known to police.  The way it was written was clearly to make the victim look a bad.  The investigation failed due to police errors and due to the falsified evidence placed on the PNC by Merseyside police.

The victim received the falsified information accidentally when a police officer emailed him a document by mistake.  The document showed the false information.  This was reported to police and due to getting nowhere, it was reported to the ICO who investigated.

Merseyside police admitted that FALSE information about the victim was written to the PNC.

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