Devastating audio recording by Merseyside Police inspector Susan Ennis of PSD


A grovelling audio recording of Inspector Susan Ennis has been uncovered whereby she had to call a victim of crime that she had ‘accidentally‘ forwarded a derogatory about the victim by one of her police officers (PC Neil Dixon) in PSD (Professional Standards Department!)

SNIP 1 of audio recording.  Inspector Susan Ennis grovelling.


SNIP 2 of audio recording.  Inspector Susan Ennis admits ‘cases are not looked at properly‘ but ‘she would never cover it up’ (liar!)


SNIP 3 of audio recording.  Inspector Susan Ennis admits ‘cutting corners


SNIP 4 of audio – Susan Ennis saying evidence against Joel Rodwell shows ‘circumstantially it would be him [Joel] yet, police faked the real evidence.


SNIP 5 of audio – Susan Ennis saying “Circumstantially it is very far-fetched” in relation to Joel Rodwell’s bullshit excuse, yet, police did nothing but lie.


SNIP 6 – Susan Ennis says Joel Rodwell posted the offence comments on the 15th (He posted them)

THATS ALL for now with the audio, more added DAILY!
Suffice to say, this shows police that I am not bluffing, I have the entire audio file, over an hour of admissions from Merseyside Inspector Ennis of PSD. (Profession Standards!!!)


The audio recording covers many topics, starting with a grovelling apology for the derogatory email through to admissions of numerous other police errors and admission of failed investigations.  One relating to a theft from a computer shop to malicious communications by Southport OTS owner, Joel Rodwell where she confirms the statement made by Joel Rodwell was ‘circumstantially, far-fetched!‘), she also goes on to telling how police ‘cut corners’, how evidence was ignored and then blaming the victim for holding onto some information until after an officer made a false statement showing him to be lying.  It shows that police want all evidence of alleged police misconduct before the officer under investigation makes his or her statement!

The audio is currently being analysed and will be incorporated into a YouTube video with captions to highlight the incidents being referred to during the 1 hour 8 minute conversation.

The recording will be posted here in the coming days…

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