CPS say calling someone a PEDO is not a criminal offence

In light of many recent national publications where people have been called a paedophile, some viciously attacked, some even killed, The CPS has now formally written to me (and this really is no joke), and said that calling someone a FUCKING PEDO is not an offence they say PEDO is an old English phrase meaning ‘child’.  These are the words of ‘C Pickering’ Specialist Prosecutor for the CPS.

Neil Wilkes previous convictions including FRAUD

The Offender (Neil Wilkes from Tipton in the West Midlands) sent a grossly offensive message calling me a ‘FUCKING PEDO’, but when interviewed by the police, the coward said he was ‘talking in Old English‘, and in old English, he said ‘pedo‘ means ‘child‘, and therefore his defence was that he was calling the man a ‘child‘.

On behalf of the CPS, C Pickering, who is apparently, a ‘Specialist Prosecutor’ wrote;

The suspect admitted calling you a pedo but stated this word in old English means child but you took it to mean paedophile.“…. (like any other reasonable person would)

So, what C Pickering of CPS is saying is that, if you get called a ‘Pedo’, you should not assume you are being called a paedophile, but are being called a child.  And if you want to call someone a paedophile, simply just call them a ‘fucking pedo’ then tell the police you were speaking in ‘old English’ and you cannot be charged.

WARNING, the floodgates are now open..!

CPS say that if you feel a man is acting like a child, you are free to call him a PEDO to his face, by email or on social media.

Calling anyone a pedo is grossly offensive, but, CPS say you are freely allowed to do this to anyone you wish as long as you clarify (and only if interviewed), that you were simply speaking in ‘old english‘.

So, for anyone being treated by a ‘childish’ police officer, CPS has confirmed that it is acceptable to use old English phrases to call the officer a Fucking Pedo.

Below is the entire threatening conversation from Neil Wilkes. 

I posted his threat to my private Facebook wall, my address is blurred by me.

There are a number of threats by Wilkes.  As you can see from his communication, Neil Wilkes clearly speaks in ‘Old English’ (as suggested by the CPS)…

Ya prick
Jumped up fucking prick
Say this shit to my face
Beadles about
Fuck you prick
Fucking grassing weasel
U fucked up big time

and of course, the classic old English phrase by Neil Wilkes,

‘You Fucking Pedo’.


If Neil Wilkes was speaking in ‘Old English’, why didn’t he write

wherefore publish mine own addresseth thee fucking pedo

Simple, he didn’t, he lied to the police.  From his writing, he appears to struggle with simple common English and spelt his word in slang, but the intent was there.  To add evidence of his intent, Neil Wilkes has used the phrase ‘Kiddy Fiddler’ against me!


Now, George Vella stands in defence of Neil Wilkes with the following drivel about the use of the word PEDO.

George Vella has been convicted for robbing post offices and served around 5 years in prison for it.  George Vella is guilty of what he did and is still a convicted offender.  I understand that George Vella was also convicted for violence in the 80’s.

Neil Wilkes has also been convicted. His criminal history was disclosed to me by the CPS, no less than 3 criminal offences, including a  conviction for FRAUD!

Coincidentally, both Neil Wilkes & George Vella both handled and distributed a FAKE child abuse video and then sent it to Lancashire police.  Lancashire police have confirmed the video is fake and was intended to cause harm to me!

A Further coincidence, both Neil Wilked and George Vella are involved in a Lancashire police Task Force called Operation Malaya which was set up by Lancashire police in an attempt to frame me, which of course, failed miserably.

George Vella says ‘There is an easy way for them to leave all this and that is to delete everything they have said about us and the rest will melt away

Odd…  he has never put this in writing to me but posts in a ‘closed group’ where he claims we have no access!  I have no idea what he is referring to, so I will see Mr Vella in Court and let the Court decide.  I have already agreed a Skype discussion with the Court.

The RCJ can impose severe penalties for wasting judicial time and the RCJ is very much aware of George Vella’s latest ventures!


The CPS has been asked for their comments on this article which will be published if they reply.

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