West Midlands Police ignore horrific racial attack by a man calling security guards FU*KING MUSLIM BASTARDS

West Midlands Police

In February 2020, a man named Neil Wilkes of Tipton, West Midlands, entered Walsall Magistrates court to face criminal charges for Malicious Communications and ended up making a sickening Racial Attack, allegedly calling the security guards “FUCKING MUSLIM BASTARDS“.

Neil Wilkes Racist Attack

When Neil Wilkes entered the court building, he met the victim (related to his court appearance) who was seated in the waiting room.

Neil Wilkes, (who has previously been caught sending hardcore porn images to a rape victim) began to hurl threats at his victim and used abusive language towards him, in front of members of the public.

The security guards (who were mixed race) quickly restrained Neil Wilkes.  Even so, Neil Wilkes still continued to hurl abuse and threats at his victim who sat there in shock.

Neil Wilkes then turned his anger at the security guards who were only doing their job protecting the public.

Neil Wilkes then allegedly screamed at the security guards calling them ‘FUCKING MUSLIM BASTARDS‘.

Neil Wilkes was carried out of court by the security guards.  Neil Wilkes was kicking and screaming at the security guards while they carried him out.

The entire incident was caught on court CCTV which West Midlands police have refused to release!

A friend of Neil Wilkes named Darren Hogan had also covertly recorded the incident (illegal in a court).  We have a copy of this recording and have passed it to the police and the court, who have so far, failed to acknowledge it.

The entire incident was recorded as a S4 Public Order offence, but due to Covid-19, West Midlands police officer Sgt Craig Lewis decided not to pursue it, saying he cannot interview the offender due to Covid-19.

At the time of writing (2/6/2020), the offence committed in February 2020 is still within the statute of limitations even though this ‘white’ police Officer decided that such a malicious RACIST attack was not worth investigating or bringing charges.

Sgt Craig Lewis of West Midlands police said;

In relation to Covid – 19, the offence is summary only so therefore even if there were further lines of investigation which in this case there are not, as per current West Midlands Police policy, the matter would not be investigated any further.

So West Midlands police have a ‘policy‘ not to investigate such a despicable racist attack as well as a S4 public order offence?

The only ‘lines of enquiry‘ they had not done was interview Neil Wilkes.  West Midlands Police had already secured the CCTV recording and taken statements from all witnesses.

They are fully aware that Darren Hogan illegally recorded in court and even so, they are doing nothing. The recording is over 30 minutes in length.

Is this evidence that West Midlands police support RACIAL ABUSE?

Currently, the Western World is horrified at a USA Police officer for killing a black man, George Floyd, the civil unrest is evident that the world will not stand for racial hatred and brutality within the police, yet, in West Midlands Police, Sgt Craig Lewis is turning a blind eye to a serious racial attack.

Stand up to racism, feel free to contact West Midlands Police regarding this incident and demand they take action.

West Midlands Professional Standards Department have been asked for their comments, but have failed to respond.

UPDATE 3/6/2020 – Neil Wilkes has made contact with the editor, calling him a ‘PEDO’ for writing this article.  The same offensive comment he has used previously which was the reasons he was facing charges for Malicious Communications that day.

True Vison now notified see this article

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